Can You Longboard in the Rain : The Ultimate Guide 2023

Have you ever tried longboarding in the rain? Or have you ever fantasized about riding a longboard in the rain? If you are looking for an answer to the most frequently asked question, “Can you longboard in the rain?” then I would like to tell you that yes, you can longboard in the rain, and you can enjoy the thrill of longboarding to the fullest, taking you longboarding experience to a whole next level.

I am sure many longboarders would love to ride in the rain. However, in these conditions, we had to take extra precautions for ourselves and our longboard. If you are new in longboarding and looking for some amazing deals on longboards you can check our guide on Best Longboards for Sliding.

So, in this article, I will explain how to have a great time sliding your board in the rain in the most reliable ways.

Can You Longboard in the Rain
Longboarding in the Rain

As I mentioned earlier, you can skate longboarding in the rain, and I will give you some killer tips to help you go longboarding in the rain.

1. Balance your weight: The problem of many people is that they slip off their board while riding in rainy weather; in fact, this is a widespread problem among riders. As a result, if you lean too far out while turning, the board will slip out from under your feet. To avoid this, keep your weight centered over the top of the board, bend your knees, and steer with your ankles rather than your body weight. This way, you will get a proper grip of your foot over deck of the board while riding in the rain.

2. Alternate board: Furthermore, if you have a budget, you can use an alternate board during the rainy season, which will allow you to enjoy longboarding in the rain while keeping your primary board safe.

3. Tighten your trucks: During the rainy season, water and debris get stuck under and over your bushings, causing them to become a little loose, so tighten your trucks 2-3 times after a few riding sessions to get a similar feel to how they would be in the dry.

4. Clean Your Board and Bearings: Wipe down your board with a rag after each ride, and clean and lubricate your bearings every couple of weeks or as needed to avoid rust. If you ride in wet weather, water may seep into your longboard and damage so its better to use a waterproof spray, paint or a coat on your board. You can also use low-cost bearings or stainless steel for your longboards in the rainy season.

5. Rain Wheels: We need to use Rain Wheels on our longboards when it rains because it improves traction on wet rainy roads and will give you a better riding experience.

6. Safety Measures: Wear safety equipment such as a protective helmet, slip-free shoes, gloves, and knee pads at all times while riding in the rain. These items will keep you safe from any accidents.

1. Protect Trucks and Bearings: Getting wet can cause your truck and bearings to rust if you don’t take care of them, which will directly affect the speed of your longboards. So I would recommend using ceramic bearings or any stainless steel bearings. You can also protect bearings and trucks by wiping them properly and drying them up and after drying, apply some lubricant so bearings can function as per their standards.

2. Deck of the board: If a longboard isn’t properly dried, it will absorb moisture, become softer, and shrink, causing it to bend. To avoid this, remove the board and lay its components on a dry cloth or towel, wipe them off quickly, and then allow them to dry. Also, before going out in the rain, try to seal the deck from the edges this will prevent water from entering the deck.

3. Grip tape: Grip tape is an essential component of a longboard because it ensures secure friction between your foot and the deck. It is impossible to ride the board or do any tricks without sufficient friction. When riding in the rain, water seeps into the grip tape, causing it to lose its grip on the deck and will be less effective.

So you can follow simple steps to clean and restore grip tape traction, We can use a grip tape cleaner, a simple natural rubber-type material that removes any debris from grip tape in no time. You need to rub the rubber over the grip tape with slight pressure and pull the dirt out. You can also use a brush with soft wire to remove dirt firmly stuck on the layer of grip tape.

1. Longboard Selection: While sliding a longboard in the rain, we should remember that the longboard we choose should be in good shape. Wheels should not be scratched off; instead, use rain wheels, bearing should be well lubricated, and nuts should be securely tightened up.

2. Take Safety Equipment: Your helmet is a critical piece of safety equipment. You want to make sure it fits comfortably. It feels good on your head and keeps you cool. Your gloves should be the next piece of safety equipment it will keep your hands safe while riding. 

3. Foot braking: Foot-braking is the act of removing our foot from the skateboard and placing it on the pavement to create friction that will slow us down. If you think you need to foot brake, do it right away because your speeds will be lower, and you will have more control over your board. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to break.

4. Check Road Signs: While riding a skateboard, make sure to read the road signs. To avoid accidents while longboarding, you must follow all traffic and road laws.

Longboarding in the rain can be a bit challenging, but at the same time, you will also get to experience an adventurous, thrilling, fun ride. However, at the same time, you should also take care of the tips and information given by us while enjoying this incredible moment. 

Happy Riding and Have Fun in the Rain.

Thank You 🙂