As life without its riddles and puzzles is relatively uninteresting, longboarding without exploring hidden fun is also less appealing. Many adventurous young people are always looking for new and exciting ways to have fun with their longboards in parks or off-road tracks.

Longboarding is also something more than simply cruising and rolling on it. Apart from constantly shuffling positions between goofy and regular, you may also go for Dancing, Carving, Ollies, Cross Step, Ghostride, Boneless, Tiger Claw, Skate Park Riding, and Fakie styles as well.

If you want to do something crazy and wild with your regular longboard rides, you’ll need a compatible longboard that can easily take you through these challenging tricks. However, we bring an honest and balanced review for the best longboards for tricks and a practical buying guide.

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The longboards specifically designed for tricks are somewhat different from the regular longboards with some extra features or modifications. These additional features or alterations would add to their easy maneuverability to help the riders do the complicated tricks with less effort.

However, you would always find it hard to choose the best option for longboarding tricks because of limited knowledge about the requirements for longboarding tricks. Therefore, we have brought some defining evaluation criteria and notable features for a perfect longboard for tricks.

Every longboard has one or more features comparatively unique and different from the other longboards. It becomes a difficult decision as to which longboards should be chosen for the tricks and which should be rejected. Nonetheless, you will reach a wise conclusion by fulfilling the following criteria regarding the Best Longboards for Tricks.

Every longboarder should consider the following important factors in his longboard before trying the tricks on it:

1. Durable Build

1. Durability is always the first thing that comes to one’s mind when purchasing any longboard, except for kids, as they are lightweight and make minimal use of the longboards.

2. Nonetheless, when you bring your longboard downhill in a freestyle ride, it must be durable enough to endure the sharp zigzag turns and jumpy-bumpy ride on the uneven way.

3. A longboard with a feeble build and weak apparatus doesn’t help you through your tricky rides. Therefore, always ensure the longevity factor in your longboard before spending your money on it.

2. Ultimate Flex

1. A longboard with a stiff and rigid deck would be less likely to help you quickly do some playful tricks. The minimal flexibility does not allow the longboarder to roll on the longboard the way he wants.

2. However, a sufficiently flexible longboard deck will facilitate the longboard to extract more maneuverability out of his board to do some magic tricks and leave the people in awe out there on the roads and parks.

3. Maneuverability

1. Maneuverability is an unavoidable feature when you approach the longboarding store while searching for the one that is perfect at tricky rides.

2. A longboard that is not easy to move or turn sharply can hardly help a longboarder to amaze his friends with his longboarding tricks.

3. Therefore, you must double-check the maneuverability options in your longboard whether or not it has to offer something seriously attractive for freestyle riders.

4. Trucks

1. A longboard is dependent mainly on wheels and trucks under its deck. You need to check the composition material of trucks in the first place. The aluminum trucks are strongly suggested as they are lightweight and less vulnerable to corrosion.

2. A longboarder who goes for tricks would not just use the longboard but also abuse the longboard, so taller trucks would ensure that less wheel biting doesn’t matter how excessively a longboard is used.

5. Wheels and Bearings

1. Moreover, do consider the wheel size according to tour physique and build. A 70mm wheel size would be sufficient for an average body weight rider.

2. The hardness of the wheels must be adequate to take you through the cracks and potholes on the road without any undesirable pause.

3. Suppose you want to maintain stability and smoothness in your longboard ride. In that case, you must ensure the provision of ABEC 9 bearings in its wheels because they hold very close and acceptable tolerance.

Consequently, you will experience a seamless ride to do the longboarding tricks at your ease.

Many products are present with different qualities, materials, and working mechanisms. So it’s difficult to choose for one who wants to do various tricks on the longboards. We’ll make it easy for you. We enlist all the right ones for you.

Best Longboards for Tricks

Let’s explore a little deeper to find the most economical, stylish, and functional longboards for tricks.

Magneto Bamboo Longboard




Magneto bamboo is considered the first-class longboard. These longboard decks are specially made up of good-quality bamboo. This is specially made up for the different techniques and tricks you want. It has a length of 46 inches and a width of 9 inches. It is made up of triple-layer bamboo.

This gives the longboard decks excellent strength and provides long life to the board. It has been made with a dynamic shape that gives it a great feel during riding. Double kicktails are installed in it, and the geometry of this longboard is concave, making it easy for the skaters to do different styles and cruising.

Its wheel is durable and makes it dominant in dancing and doing various tricks. Also, its tire is made very smooth, which provides a rider with the most comfortable ride. Moreover, its trucks are adjustable too, which adds more comfort to every ride. It can bear weight up to 200 pounds.

  • Suitable for many tricks and cruising.
  • Durable.
  • Two kicktails for smoothness during stunts.
  • More durable wheels.
  • Bear weight up to 200 pounds.
  • It’s longer and heavier, making it less portable.

Atom All terrain longboard




The Atom all-terrain longboard is the perfect choice for a smooth ride on any terrain. The board is made of solid maple wood and has huge, high-rebound urethane wheels (huge mbs 100 x 65mm all-terrain wheels) that give excellent speed and traction on any terrain. This board is one of the most visually appealing on the market thanks to its lovely wooden finish and black curled edges. The top surface is covered with a superior coarse off-road grip tape, which improves control of your board whether you’re riding on or off road.

Atom has been highly praised for its speed and maneuverability, with many users finding it easier to avoid obstacles. The durability of the wheels and grip tape has also been noted, with many users finding that they retain their quality even after extended use. Overall, Atom is a highly recommended product.

  • Suitable for uneven terrains.
  • Flexible, which allows smooth rides.
  • Super rebound provided by its 100mm wheels.
  • Hard maple made.
  • Trucks are not adjustable.
  • Not made for high speeds.

3. Landyachtz Stratus Watercolor Longboard

Landyachtz Stratus Watercolor Longboard




Landyachtz stratus is 45.5 inches long and 9.25 inches wide and is also known as a dancing board. This longboard is one of the lightest and most flexible dancing longboards on the market, making it ideal for flatland street tricks like cross-stepping and board walking.

The board’s unique design and look set it apart from the competition, and its lightweight construction makes it easy to transport for extended periods. While the Stratus is perfect for kicks and quick response spins, it is not designed to sustain powerful tricks, so riders should keep this in mind before purchasing.

If you enjoy doing extreme tricks on your board, this will allow you to perform fantastic stunts and freestyle motions with ease.

  • Suitable size and enough space for feet.
  • High energy output.
  • Soft wheels to provide a smooth ride.
  • Can bear weight up to 200 pounds.
  • Not suitable for terrain rides.

Volador 46″ Maple Dancing Longboard




Volador longboard comes with the best engineering technology that ensures smoothness during the ride. This board is exceptional and makes every ride more and more enjoyable. Its performance is super impressive due to its flexibility and its shock absorbers. The longboard deck is made with fine quality maple, which adds to its durability.

This Volador deck is made up of a length of 46 inches and a width of 10 inches. I think this is more than enough for performing any tricks and making every ride a fantastic experience and full of pleasure for the riders.

It contains reverse kingpins, which are adjustable, making the rides smoother. These adjustable features are made up for freestyle riders. Volador’s 42-inch Freeride Longboard is perfect for anyone who wants to go fast and have a blast doing it. It’s also great for carving, commuting, and cruising around town. Pretty much any rider will love this board because it lets them zip around at high speeds and have a ton of fun doing it.

  • Flexible deck with smooth riding experience.
  • The deck is of considerable size, length, and width.
  • Adjustable trucks.
  • Suitable wheels for the obstacles.
  • ABEC 9 bearings.
  • Grip tape is relatively weak.

Phoeros Complete Longboard Cruiser




It might not be wrong to call this Phoeros, first sight love for all. It is the best longboard to make a day for anyone who loves longboarding and cruising. It’s a truly budget-friendly longboard that comes at a reasonable price and ensures that no one can compete with it.

This Longboard is made with the excellent quality material known as the 8-layer maple. The best quality grip tape is added to the board, boosting the rider’s confidence during the rides. This makes the new ones and starters feel more secure due to this good grip tape.

It is made with a length of 45 in and a width of 9.6 in. moreover, it beats other longboards in the weight-bearing category as it can carry weight up to 550 pounds which is more than enough! It is well said that everyone can ride this board, and heavy riders can also fulfill their wishes of riding the longboards and doing tricks.

Wheels are made with the dimensions of 70 × 51 mm. These are made tough, making the riders feel secure and confident and protecting them from any foot injuries.

  • Loveable deign.
  • Affordable price.
  • Can bear weight up to 550 pounds.
  • Tough wheels.
  • Enables easy and sharp turns.
  • Board is bit heavy.

Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard




The PlayStation Drop Through is a unique longboard designed for sliding, freeriding, and craving. It’s more than just a drop-through board; it’s jam-packed with fantastic features for stunt enthusiasts.

This 39-inch-long 8-ply maple deck board has reverse kingpin aluminum alloy trucks with 88A PU Bushings and can withstand a load of 250 pounds. This board provides a smooth ride due to its soft PU wheels with ABEC bearings and sturdy aluminum trucks.

The longboard is lightweight, weighing only 7 pounds, making it appropriate for children and adults. The low ground clearance feature allows the rider to push the board quickly and offers a stable ride.

  • Drop-through mounting technology allows easy ground clearance.
  • Well-designed for children, adults, and beginners.
  • Strong and long-lasting 
  • Flexible board with high-quality Grip tape.
  • Bearings are not of standard quality

Slendor drop through longboard




The Slendor is a 42 Inch longboard. Slendor is not less than any other good longboard in providing comfort and satisfaction to its rider. This superiority is because of its more durable 70×51 mm wheels with the best shock-absorbing rings.

Design sums up extra comfort to the ride and offers efficient cushioning. All this is due to its exceptional setup for speed and freestyle riding, which is the favorite of most riders. We can say that it’s a selection choice for people of all ages and tastes.

Its trucks are made up of the best quality chrome steel bearings and truck material of aluminum, which makes it lightweight and variable from 45 to 50 degrees. Longboard lovers of all categories can easily handle the skateboard and lesser the difficulty level for beginners.

It comprises an eight-ply firm rocky maple deck strengthened by epoxy glue, which delivers excellent handling to beginners new to longboarding and makes them feel safe.
Further, when we go through, we get a high-ranking shock absorbing power with the size of 42 into 9 inches and an outstanding drop through the deck.

  • Most reliable and comfortable longboard for freestyle riding
  • Shock absorbing ring to dampen the shocks.
  • Its chrome steel frictionless bearings for maximum speed.
  • Genuine aluminum trucks, which make them lightweight.
  • Longboard is bit expensive its a small downside.

PHOEROS Longboard Skateboard




The Phoeros 41″ Carving Longboard is built with amazing and adventurous designs that will fascinate you. It is wrapped with weatherproof paper that has been implanted on it. Its trucks have high rebounds and are quite durable. 

The longboard deck is built of tough Canadian 8-ply maple, which ensures longevity and durability. If someone buys this board, it is certain that he will skate on it every day. Everyone will enjoy various tricks they want to do on it, whether he is a child or an adult. This longboard has also been added with fantastic grip tape for better foot support and stability.

  • High grip tape.
  • Hard Canadian maple.
  • High rebound trucks.
  • Specially designed for cruising.
  • Smooth working trucks.
  • No as such short coming but fragile damage has observed during shipping.

Innoweigh Dropdown Longboard

Innoweigh Dropdown Longboard




The innoweigh is an all-rounder for longboarding lovers of all ages and tastes. It is best for freestyle riding and to do different tricks on the longboard. It is also made with fine and super-quality maple. It is pretty balancing and efficient too.

This longboard keeps working smoothly on bumpy roads and surfaces, so it is suitable for many tricks in any medium. Moreover, it can bear heavy-weight riders up to 330 pounds. It gives confidence and ensures riders even at high speeds and during sharp turns.

  • Made for riders of all ages and all categories.
  • Beginners-Friendly board.
  • Can bear weight up to 330 pounds.
  • Premium Design and low-Cost
  • Deck quality is not satisfactory.

WHOME pro dancing longboard

WHOME pro dancing 42" best longboard for tricks




WHOME is a dancing board. Its premium design and high versatility make it one of the best longboard for tricks. This board is made up of a 42×9 inch eight-layer maple deck. Its small size makes it suitable for free rides, dancing, and other tricks. It contains a highly precise Abec-9 speed bearing and high grip tape to increase its stability.

Many boards do not offer your child the comfort and enjoyable rides this Whome board provides. Its wheels provide you with better grips in the streets and on roads, which fully supports you for road boarding and enjoying many tricks you want to perform. Its rebounding ability makes it distinctive, and its extraordinary turning capability at high speeds.

It contains a heavy-duty board that can bear weight up to 320 lbs. Its trucks are adjustable too so that we can lose or tight them according to our needs. While at the downside, its bearings are held too tightly.

  • Specially made for dancing and performing tricks.
  • It has 8 layers hard maple deck.
  • Can handle weight up to 330 pounds.
  • High rebound.
  • Bearings are made up of chrome steel.
  • The only disadvantage is that the wheels’ bearings are overly tight.

Is it possible to ride a longboard in some playful manner?

Of Course, there are various fun ways to ride a longboard. The teenagers would always love to maneuver the longboard in a way far more than just rolling or cruising on it.

What are some common longboarding tricks?

The most common longboarding tricks are Dancing, Carving, Ollies, Cross Step, Ghostride, Boneless, Tiger Claw, Skate Park Riding Fakie, etc.

Which type of longboard is best for doing tricks?

The best longboard for doing tricks must have a durable deck, lightweight trucks, hard wheels, and advanced maneuverability for executing the tricks better.

How do aluminum trucks affect your longboarding experience?
Aluminum trucks are lightweight and corrosion-free so they will add to the maneuverability of your longboard.

Can longboarding tricks be risky for young riders?

Longboarding tricks can be dangerous for beginners and young riders. So it is better to master the basic longboarding skills first and then try experimenting with stunts or tricks on longboarding.

To summarize, it is recommended that you seriously consider these crazy longboarding tricks to avoid any unfortunate incidents on the longboarding track. But On the other hand, I would also say Scars are like cheap tattoos when it comes to longboarding, so you must be cautious but not restrict yourself. So Just Grip it and Rip it and have fun with longboarding tricks.

Hopefully, the above list of top 10 best longboards for tricks has helped you decide on the perfect one for you. However, never overlook the evaluation criteria while choosing a longboard for tricks.

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Thank You 🙂