Are you looking for the ideal longboard to take your riding to the next level? Or maybe you want To spice up your riding journey with some extra speed, stability, and thrill. Then a drop down longboard is the best option for you.

Drop down longboards are built for speed and stability, giving you a perfect edge while cruising downhill. They have a lower center of gravity than conventional longboards, making them simpler to handle at fast speeds.

There are many excellent options to choose from when it comes to drop down longboards. So, whether you’re searching for a terrific alternative for downhill racing or just a sturdy and durable longboard for cruising around town, check out our list of the best drop down longboards below!

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best drop down longboards on the market and what makes them stand out from the rest.

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Buying a drop down longboard is a great idea!. If you like downhill racing or freeriding, you will love this longboard with a lowered deck. The boards lower the rider’s center of gravity, making it more stable and easy to manage at high speeds.

Though we have many brands and options, it is hard to choose the best drop down longboard due to limited understanding or a lack of clarity regarding drop down longboards. Therefore, we’ve highlighted some of the most essential qualities and features to look for in a drop down longboard.

Deck Construction

drop down longboard deck

1.  The drop down longboard deck is a type of longboard designed for downhill racing or free riding.

2. It is characterized by its low, dropped center of gravity and its wide, stable platform. The drop down longboard deck is often broader than a standard longboard deck. This gives the rider a secure base to stand on while racing downhill.

3. Drop down longboards are intended for high-speed riding, so you need a stable platform to withstand any severe abuse while riding. So it would be best if you considered buying drop down longboards usually made from seven or eight-ply maple wood, which gives them a durable and sturdy construction. But if you want a lightweight and strong board, then carbon fiber or bamboo is the best option for you.


dop down longboard deck size
Drop Down deck of Size 9.75 x 41.5

1. The average drop down longboard is about 38-42 inches long. Some brands may be slightly longer or shorter, but this is generally the standard size for a drop down longboard.

2. The board’s width will also vary depending on the brand but is typically between 8-10 inches wide.

3. A 38+ inch longboard is excellent if you are 5ft 6 or taller; however, a short rider may be able to get one that is 38 inches or less.

Quality CoMponents

drop down longboard components

1. In general, you should look for longboards with high-quality parts. Low-quality components will hinder your ride and ruin your enjoyment of the sport.

2. It’s also worth noting that the trucks on a drop-down deck are often top-mounted and are less responsive. The drop down deck has a cut-out design at both ends to allow for extra wheel clearance.

3. So overall, you should go for quality trucks, bearings, and wheels that will enhance your ride and will give you better stability, grip and effortless ride while downhill sliding

1. Atom Drop Deck Longboard

Atom Drop Deck Longboard




For roughly $100, the Atom drop deck is a popular choice because of its low cost and good build quality. This board is a great low-riding alternative for a beginner or more experienced rider who wants something simple to ride and can be used for commuting, carving downhill, or learning how to slide.

The Atom Drop Deck is unmatched in board size and weight. It is 41.25 inches long by 9.25 inches wide. This board is a favorite since it is very stable at high speeds and comfortable for long-distance rides.

The Atom’s big wheel openings make it an excellent carving board, allowing tight turns without wheel bite. Even though the Atom is small, the 50o RKP trucks provide a smooth and responsive ride.

  • Easy to turn and manoeuvre for freeriding and commuting.
  • Ideal board for both beginners and expert riders.
  • High Mount for Trucks
  • Effective Turning Capacity
  • The grip tape tends to peel after a few uses.

2. MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard

MINORITY Downhill Maple Longboard




The Minority Board is one of the most cost-effective options I’ve come across in our research. It’s an excellent option for heavier riders. It has a great look and uses high-quality bearings. With its 40-inch length, the longboard has a downhill drop design.

The longboard features a 37-inch wheelbase and 8-ply Maple construction. It has a 10-inch-wide deck, allowing you plenty of space for your feet to move about and ensuring that you’ll be able to glide downhill with confidence. The longboard provides excellent mobility due to its reverse kingpin trucks, which can be adjusted to 50 or 45 degrees.

If you want a smooth and fun ride, I can assure you that my high-rebound PU wheels, soft-radial nose, and concave depth will improve your riding experience.

  • Most Suitable for Downhill Riders
  • Enhanced Maneuverability
  • Lightweight
  • Full Maple Wood Deck
  • Trucks may sound squeaky

3. Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Longboard

Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Longboard




A longboard for professionals, the Yocaher Professional Speed Drop Down Complete Longboard is the best on the market today! Its 41.25′′ x 9′′ maple high concave deck features a 9-ply design for optimal stability and control when riding.

The longboard comes with 70x52mm Aluminum Alloy Trucks and Abec 7 chrome bearings, which will give you an effortless ride. With a 33-inch wheelbase, you’ll be able to do flips and slides effortlessly. Additionally, this longboard has a low center of gravity, making it easier to keep your balance when doing rapid spins and tight moves.

Yocaher’s Professional Speed Drop Down Complete Longboard may be utilized for various riding styles. The drop-down design of the board makes it more stable and simpler for beginners to learn to ride.

  • 9-Ply Canadian Maple construction.
  • Unique cutouts to prevent wheel bite.
  • Extra-grip premium grip tape.
  • Offers highly stable ride.
  • Bearings quality needs improvement.

4. White Wave Bamboo Longboard 

White Wave Bamboo Longboard 




This White Wave Longboard is a must-have for every longboard enthusiast. The White Wave Longboard is made of bamboo and Canadian Maple. Designed for tough carving and aggressive pushing, this board can handle whatever you throw. I’m most impressed with the board’s longevity and sturdiness, and I’m sure you will be too.

Furthermore, longboards have dimensions of 39″ length x 9.5″ width with heat transfer graphics on the deck’s surface which aids in the maintenance of print designs and preserves the patterns’ endurance.

Last but not least, you will get corrosion-resistant aluminum trucks in this board which is light and sturdy, allowing heavier riders to enjoy a quick ride.

  • Flexible and Sturdy Deck
  • Larger Wheels with Transparent Grip Tape
  • Aluminum Trucks with Corrosion Resistant ABEC 9 Hellions Bearings
  • Complaints concerning wobbly wheels and loose hardware

5. Quest California Native Spirit Longboard

Quest California Native Spirit Longboard 




The Quest California Native Spirit Longboard is an excellent choice for riders. The longboard sturdy construction ensures it can withstand even the roughest rides while maintaining its lightweight qualities, making this one easy to bring along on any adventure!

The deck is composed of 7-ply hardwood Maple and has a open-wheel designs to avoid wheel biting and offer maximum safety. I’m certain you’ll have no issue turning or balancing yourself while carving with this board.

This board is specifically intended for riders that value a high-quality board that not only rides well but also looks well. If you’re looking to “bomb hills” or simply cruise about town, this 41″ high performance board is the perfect partner for you.

  • No “wheel bite” with open-wheel design.
  • Good for first time rider.
  • Best for heavy riders.
  • Lightweight.
  • Bearings are not of standard quality.

6. MBS All-Terrain Longboard

MBS All-Terrain Longboard




The MBS all-terrain longboard is a versatile, sturdy, and fun board that lets you explore your world. It has 100 mm tires for high traction on any terrain with its integrated trucks, which can easily switch from street riding to off-road modes! And it’s not just great at one thing either; this solid construction makes sure the ride will always be smooth no matter what direction we take them in – whether uphill or downhill!.

The 10-ply maple drop deck provides an accurate steering experience while also strong enough. Hence, even when navigating through challenging terrains such as hillsides, there isn’t much worry about breakage, thanks to 190-millimeter navigator drone trucks.

Whether you’re a seasoned rider seeking the most difficult challenges or a newbie looking for the fastest route to your destination, this longboard will keep you entertained on any terrain.

  • Sturdily constructed maple-lam drop deck for easy pushing and off-roading.
  • Precise navigation with 190-millimeter drone trucks.
  • The wheels are massive and can roll over any obstacle.
  • A lower deck allows for simpler manoeuvring.
  • It’s difficult to use on grassy or soiled surfaces.

7. Retrospec Tidal 41-inch Drop-Down Longboard

Retrospec Tidal 41-inch Drop-Down Longboard




Tidal’s 41-inch drop longboard is perfect for those who want to take their riding skills up a notch. It features an artisanally crafted deck that keeps you stable as it helps lower your center of gravity, giving greater control when reaching higher speeds!

The board comes with reactive and smooth gliding slant reverse 180mm kingpin trucks that are responsive and durable enough not to break or wear out quickly.

Finally, we got OS780 grip tape, 70x51mm 85a PU wheels, and high-rebound bushings. So the only thing I can say about this longboard is that it has everything you need for an enjoyable ride.

  • Excellent built quality which makes this board durable and reliable for long-term use.
  • Recommended for beginners.
  • Great board for cruising down hill.
  • Budget-Friendly.
  • Wheels are not of standard quality.

8. WiiSHAM Longboards Drop Down Through Deck

WiiSHAM Longborads Drop Down Through Deck




The longboard is designed with 42.9 inches and nine plies of Canadian maple, making it a durable yet flexible ride that can take you where no other board would go!

The aluminum stent supports your weight while giving this bad boy some extra strength to last through tough times – not just in terms of durability but also performance. Plus, there’s a hydrophobic grip that prevents slipping, whether it’s on wet roads or adverse weather conditions.

The water-resistant material used for the printed pattern ensures the longboard’s endurance and quality. With ABEC 9 bearings, you may ride it at high speeds with confidence that there will be no wear and tear concerns later on!

  • 9 ply Canadian maple structure, more flexible and lighter.
  • Good Concavce deck.
  • Great board for speed racing and tricks.
  • Cheap Price.
  • Big and rugged wheels may be a challenge to beginners.

9. Movendless Drop Deck Complete Longboard

Movendless Drop Deck Complete Longboard




MOVENDLESS DROP DECK is a perfect beginner board for those who want to take their first few steps towards being an expert skater. This durable, classic design has everything you need – it’s made of 9-layer Canadian Maple wood and features anti-lipped brushing along with 70mm PU LED wheels, which ensure that no matter where your feet go, there will be nothing but smoothness ahead!

This longboarding deck comes in at just under 41 inches long by ten wide and is a perfect board for downhill carving. The Movendless Skateboard YD-0013 has an ultra-low riding shape that provides maximum stability. Made of high-quality grip tape and solid wood construction, this board offers a more powerful ride with less slipping or spinning while going down hills!

  • Extremely Stable and easy to ride.
  • Aluminium alloy trucks for better stability.
  • Wheels with green, red, and blue LEDs.
  • 9-layer Canadian maple wood deck.
  • Some user complaints about poor packaging.

10. Atom Drop Deck Longboard 

Atom Drop Deck Longboard 




The new Atoms have arrived as the world’s most advanced skateboard; this board features aggressive concave for locked-in performance and low deck height that boosts stability, so pushing isn’t an issue!

The longboard’s revolutionary image heat transfer graphic design ensures the deck’s durability over time. It is also worth mentioning that you can go faster than 40 mph on flat ground with 78a super high rebound tires giving excellent grip at higher speeds.

The board comes with 9-ply maple robust construction, reverse kingpin, and rubber-shielded ABEC9 bearings that enhance your ride at high-speed, giving you a pleasant experience on long distances.

  • Smooth rolling wheels and bearings.
  • Deck is firm with minimal flex.
  • Excellent grip tape.
  • Great board for beginner or intermediate rider.
  • After a few rides, you’ll have to re-adjust the trucks.


Q.1) Are drop-down longboards good for cruising?

A) Drop down longboards are great for cruising. The longboards are pretty stable with a lower center of gravity and lower decks. Also, having the board closer to the ground makes pushing and commuting more effortless and more pleasant.

Q.2) What are the best drop down longboard for beginners?

A) Drop-down longboards are ideal for beginners seeking their first board. However, I would recommend the “Quest California Native Spirit Longboard” and the “Retrospec Tidal 41-inch Drop-Down Longboard Skateboard Complete” for beginners.

Q.3) Drop through vs Drop down Which is better?

A) The drop down longboard form is designed for experienced riders who want to go downhill. The drop-through longboard is more adaptable and excellent for beginners who want to ride downhill or cruise around.


This finishes our in-depth look at the best down longboards. We hope this article has helped make your decision a little bit easier and that you find the perfect board to take your riding to the next level. Therefore, don’t wait for another moment to pull up your socks just get your drop down longboard today. Go and hit the roads hard in some style.

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Happy Riding!!