Carving is an important skill for any longboarder to learn if they want to progress and improve their riding. This technique involves quickly making successive turns in an S-like shape, which helps build momentum and speed. Longboarders should lean into their turns when carving, like how a surfer would paddle into a wave.

When done correctly, carving can help a longboarder generate a lot of speed and flow while riding, making it an essential skill for anyone looking to progress their longboarding. Carving longboards is designed to make turning the board easier. This makes them more stable at speed and helps you avoid the feeling of catching your edge.

If you are in the field, you will know that choosing the best carving longboards is a tedious task. There are so many brands and models with different designs and unique features. But don’t let that intimidate you. In this blog article, we have selected the best carving longboards based on user reviews, so by reading these reviews, you should be able to choose the ideal board that is an excellent fit for you and your budget.

best carving longboards

1. Loaded Boards Tan Tien Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

1. Loaded Boards Tan Tien Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

The Loaded Tan Tien Bamboo Longboard Skateboard is a fantastic carving longboard with various features that set it apart from other comparable models. It is one of the most durable longboards I have seen, made from bamboo and fiberglass.

The kicktail is designed in a way that is open to enable you to get better at freestyle trickery, and they also offer a way to navigate city streets. Another standout feature is the large cutouts which provide more clearance for your wheels when carving while making tight turns easier. This board has three flex ratings which will appeal to different riders depending on their weight.

The Paris 180mm trucks are designed specifically to fit this board and have a 50-degree base. They are made from aluminum and have a matte black finish which looks great. The 70mm Orangatang stimulus wheels are super durable and provide a comfortable ride when carving the board at high speeds.

The bearings for this longboard come with it and are well known for their speed and durability, which is another excellent extra that comes with this purchase. Overall, this is a superb package, especially considering how inexpensive it is. It comes with everything you need to start riding straight away without needing to waste time or money looking for anything else yourself.

  • Responsive
  • Beginner Friendly
  • Ideal for heavier riders
  • Light weight and compact size
  • A little bit pricey.

2. VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser

The VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser is an excellent board for carving as it features drop-through mounting, designed to provide better stability and easier pushing. The aluminum 7” reverse kingpin trucks are also adjustable from either 50 degrees for carving or 45 degrees for commuting and freeriding. This board will be excellent for various events, eliminating the need to purchase additional boards.

The softer 70x51mm 78A PU wheels are fitted with ABEC-9 precision bearings, which provide shock absorption, kick efficiency, and maximum traction when commuting on the streets due to their ability to handle very rough terrains. These wheels also have non-slip surfaces, making them outstanding in wet weather, which should be appealing to all longboarders.

The deck is made from hard rock maple, a durable premium wood, making this a quality product that will last. The heavy-duty wheels come with ABEC-9 precision bearings for extra support and durability when commuting. They are also perfect for carving, being soft enough to cushion the impact of your feet when going into turns and hard enough to provide grip for traction during the ride.

Overall, this is an excellent longboard for carving, which has everything you need to get started straight away without having to buy anything extra. This makes it the perfect board for beginners who want something that does everything without costing too much money.

  • The wheels deliver a sparkling, smooth ride.
  • Trucks that are both sturdy and adaptable.
  • Shock-absorbing deck for a smooth and continuous ride
  • Grip tape of low grade.

3. Atom Drop Through – 41 Inch

This board is a great starter board if you are getting into longboarding or want a versatile longboard. This model features a drop-through deck, which locks your trucks in place, ensuring maximum stability when cruising along the pavement or carving the streets.
It also features 9.6 inches of leverage per turn while ensuring that there is no chance of wheel bite. The drop-through mounting and perimeter shape give this board an effortless pushing performance and promote ridable speeds with some effortless tricks.

These attributes are really great for riders who like riding on pavement but are looking for an excellent longboard to take them into some downhill longboarding in the near future. This board has a drop deck, a fantastic feature that helps keep your feet from getting tired on long rides or when going up steep hills. You can quickly turn this board into a professional downhill racer with minor work.

The deck is made from laminate maple with the perfect flex for carving. The trucks are ‘reverse kingpins’ with 245-millimeter axles and are made from 7 layers of maple wood, providing stability for this model. The wheels for this longboard are 78a PU and come assembled on the board and ready to ride straight away, meaning you won’t have to waste time tinkering around trying to put them together yourself.

  • Ideal for downhill riding and carving.
  • Decent price for a high-quality board
  • The deck is strong but lightweight, with just enough flex to absorb impacts.
  • Bearings are not good enough

4. Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Skateboard Cruiser

4. Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard Skateboard Cruiser

It is a perfect and ideal skateboard for beginners because it is lightweight and easy to push around. The deck is also made of durable hard rock maple that can hold up to 250lbs weight, so you do not have to worry about the board breaking if you are on the more rugged side of skating. The wheels are big and soft, which is excellent because they provide a smooth ride for my son when he skates. They have also come with ABEC-9 precision bearings, which have been great for my son, who wanted to learn how to do some tricks.

I thought this longboard would make a lovely present for my 12-year-old son’s birthday as he had asked me if I could get him one. I was amazed when I opened the delivery to find that the board was not just a longboard but also came with everything to set it up and get riding straight away. The board came fully assembled, which was great because he had never used a skateboard before. It is also ideal for people looking to get into riding and watch them progress as they learn how to maintain the longboard.

The wheels are soft but quite robust, and they can withstand some severe abuse. The bearings are also relatively smooth, which means that the board glides along easily and is easy to push when you have had enough.

The only problem I have with this skateboard is that my son has been riding it so much that he has worn out some of the wheels, but since we live in an area with a lot of rough concrete, this is to be expected. Overall, I recommend this to people looking for a longboard for beginners or children.

  • Durable and Flexible deck.
  • Easy to brake and easy to push because of its low ground clearance feature.
  • Concave deck for better stability
  • Board is a bit heavy.

5. Retrospec Zed Longboard Skateboard Complete Cruiser 

Retrospec Zed Longboard Skateboard Complete Cruiser

This Retrospec Zed longboard is exactly what I’ve been looking for. It’s perfect for anyone wanting to get into longboarding and comes with everything you need to get started immediately.

When I first got this longboard, I was delighted with it. It looked great and felt very sturdy. I was thrilled with the results when I took it out for its first journey. Firstly, the board looks great and is aesthetically pleasing when you look at it. The 70 mm Polyurethane wheels are good quality and do not wear out that easily, which is helpful because some of the other boards in this price range did not have as good quality wheels that last nearly as long.

The ABEC-7 bearings are perfect for riding on all surfaces, from concrete to gravel, from tarmac to dirt roads; this board can handle all kinds of terrain without making a fuss about it. The board is also 41 inches long and 9.5 inches wide, making it easy to crave and quickly turn in tight places.

This board is great for kids because it is so easy to use and forgiving when you make mistakes so that you do not fall off as often as some other boards on the market. I recommend this board to anyone looking for a high-quality longboard at a very reasonable price.

  • High speed and efficiency
  • A sleek design with a secure grip
  •  Reasonable price
  • Ideal for crusing and carving
  • The bearing might cause problems.

6. Magneto Bamboo Carbon Fiber Longboards Skateboards for Carving

6. Magneto Bamboo Carbon Fiber Longboards Skateboards for Carving

The Hana Longboard is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality, flexible board. It features eight layers of laminate with a hard maple core, and its top and bottom are beautifully stained with stripes of bamboo. The sand grit finish protects the board and gives it a unique look.

The Shore 78A wheels are ideal for smooth surfaces like concrete or dirt roads but also provide excellent traction on rougher terrain. They’re specifically designed for tricks and dancing, so this board is perfect for doing all sorts of tricks and slides without worrying about your board slipping out from under you.

The 42-inch long and 9.5-inch expansive deck can turn quickly in tight places, and it has a W-concave that locks your feet into the board but isn’t too deep to be uncomfortable while cruising. The bamboo makes this board pop in the way it is designed, giving it a more stunning look, and I especially love how everything looks so clear and crisp. I recommend this board to anyone looking for an excellent quality longboard at a fantastic price.

  • A subtle W-concave design for additional comfort.
  • 70mm Shore 78A soft wheels for a smooth ride.
  • Fancy Design and wider wheelbase for stability.
  • The trucks are very stiff right out of the box.

7. Junli 41 Inch Freeride Skateboard Longboard

Junli 41 Inch Freeride Skateboard Longboard

The Junli 41 Inch Freeride Skateboard Longboard is ideal for high-quality service and fantastic design. The board is made of high-quality materials that last a long time without breaking. The board has an elegant design and a rock finish that goes hand in hand with the bamboo top and bottom. This board has 8 layers, which are laminated with a hard maple core and a black surface with antislip power, which helps people have stability when using it.

It also comes equipped with 7- inch aluminum alloy trucks with ultra-high elastic PU support pads providing control and stability while riding on this 41-inch long x 9.5-inch wide deck. This board can load 330Ibs max, which is very high compared to other boards. The 70mm X 51mm 80A PU wheels desing offers durability and an excellent riding experience.

They also have a rock finish that helps people use them to achieve the speed they want and slide with them simultaneously. The ABEC-11 high-speed bearings provide easy movement while riding on the board, making it ideal for competitive and long-distance races. For any individual that is looking for a longboard that is comfortable, easy to control, and good-looking, then this is what you need to get.

  • Traction on wheels are good
  • Quaity trucks not plastic
  • Good for heavy riders
  • Board is easy to carry around and very easy to assemble.
  • Grip tape wears away quickly after few rides.

8. White Wave Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

White Wave Bamboo Longboard Skateboard

For those who are in search of the best carving longboard, then this is the board that you need to choose. The longboard, however, has a medium level of speed and can slide with it easily. It has a sturdy design and contains 7-inch aluminum alloy trucks, which are fast and have excellent turning capabilities.

It also has 70mm x 50mm Hooligan Wheels, providing a lively ride without wobbles. This board is ideal for beginner riders who want to cruise, carve on rails, and some other skaters looking for something lightweight but sturdy enough to glide smoothly through their adventures without any problems. Overall, the White Wave Bamboo Longboard Skateboard is an excellent choice for those trying to figure out the best carving longboard.

You’ll love carving and cruising on this White Wave Bamboo Longboard Skateboard. The mild camber and concave make it highly comfortable for all riders, and it’s ideal for beginners, medium, or advanced riders who embrace the skating lifestyle. The cruiser drop deck longboard is made of high-quality bamboo and features a hidden wire design that makes it durable and long-lasting. It’s also great for commuting. Order yours today and start enjoying the skating lifestyle!

  • 7-Inch aluminum alloy trucks provide control and stability.
  • Flexible and Sturdy Deck.
  • Resistant ABEC 9 Hellions Bearings.
  • Ideal for Beginners, Medium or Advanced riders.
  • Complaints concerning wobbly wheels and loose hardware.

9. WHOME Longboard Skateboard

9. WHOME Longboard Skateboard

This is a 31-inch longboard that comes in 8.3″ width and 8-ply alpine hard rock maple wood deck, which can load a max of 198lbs. The board has 6 aluminum alloy trucks with 63mm big wheels and a streamlined flat shape to make it perfect for competition pace skating and cruising, carving, commuting, freeride, freestyle, or dancing, among other basic longboard tricks.

It also has high rebound PU bushing, which helps with turning ability just at a fast speed. Its OS780 grip tape provides the durability necessary for this kind of skateboarding activity. In contrast, its ABEC-9 Bearings provide smooth motion on any terrain, weight, or age setting, allowing it to handle anything thrown it’s way.

It is one of the best longboards that offer you versatility, convenience, and durability in one package. This is an ideal beginner skating board for kids and adults to practice cruising, carving, commuting, freeride, freestyle, or dancing, among other basic longboard tricks.

  • Extremely versatile
  • The design is compact.
  • Deck made of hard maple.
  • Bushing with a high rebound.
  • Chrome steel ball bearings.
  • The only disadvantage is that the wheel bearings are overly tight.

10. B BAIJIAWEI Drop Through Longboard

10. B BAIJIAWEI Drop Through Longboard

The B BAIJIAWEI Drop Through Longboard is specially designed and made for all those who are looking for a good-quality carving longboard without any problems at all. The deck size of this board is 41” long, and 10.2” wide, which has no assembly required feature and can hold a max load weight of 220Ibs.

It has three strong aluminum trucks with a polished finish and is equipped with 80 A PU wheels that provide super smooth ABEC-11 high-speed bearings, providing the optimum carving experience. The board turns easily as it contains 6 shock absorbing rings guaranteeing soft cruising features and a lightweight design for optimum stability in any terrain or age setting. It also has a shock absorption system that reduces vibration and provides a smooth and stable ride.

The B BAIJIAWEI Drop Through Longboard is an excellent choice for people who want a high-quality, environmentally friendly, durable longboard.

  • Strong maple wood deck.
  • Eye-catching designs.
  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • The shock absorb ring guarantees the smooth carving.
  • Wheels and trucks need to adjust properly.

When you are out there buying a carving longboard, it is crucial to consider some of the factors that will help you choose the best. These factors include:

Mount and Deck Size

The ideal length of the board for carving should be around 32 to 42 inches so that it can cater to your needs while riding on it too. This will help you have stability while on the road and provide you with optimum control. 

When we talk about deck style, the top mount deck provides better stability and turning radius, while the drop-through deck gives you better control because it is low to the ground. This is where you need to make your choice according to your needs and the type of riding you intend to engage in.

Flex of Longboard

The flex of the board determines how fast the longboard can go. The best flex is when it is between the soft and stiff. The stiffer the board is, the faster it will be, but it will also be harder to turn, and you cannot do tricks easily on them. A soft board is lighter but slow compared to a stiff one, which slides smoothly on any surface, but requires more effort in turning. Longboards are available with different flexes that can be used according to your needs and preferences. Medium flex is suitable for carving.

Shape of Longboard

The shape of the longboard is also vital to consider when you want to get the best carving longboard. The shape determines how easy it will be on your feet, your ability to turn, and also how fast you can go. Some boards are designed in such a way that they are suitable for downhill riding and others for cruising. It all depends on the rider’s need, which will determine which one suits them and their type of riding style.

When it comes to carving, most longboarders feel that a deck with cutouts on both ends is the best option. This design helps in avoiding wheel bite, which may be a significant issue during carving.

Truck Style

Reverse kingpin trucks are ideal for carving longboards because of their turning ability and low center of gravity, allowing stability when cornering. While traditional kingpin trucks tend to lean more in one direction, that makes it a bit unstable, especially if you are doing freeride or downhill.


Q.1 What is the difference between carving and cruising longboard?

Longboard carving is a type of skateboarding that involves riding a longboard in a continuous, flowing motion. This can be done by carving back and forth across the width of the board or by making sweeping turns. Carving helps to increase speed and stability. It can also be used simply for the joy of riding, as it allows the skater to fluidly navigate through turns and around obstacles. While Anyone can carve on a longboard with practice, it takes some time to master the technique. Once mastered, though, carving can be an enjoyable and empowering way to ride.

When it comes to longboarding, there are a variety of styles that riders can choose from. One popular option is longboard cruising. This involves riding a longboard for transportation or leisure rather than doing tricks or competing in races. Cruising is a great way to enjoy the feeling of skating without having to worry about learning complicated maneuvers. It’s also a great way to get around town or campus. Skaters typically use larger and more stable longboards than traditional boards, making them ideal for cruising down city streets and through parks.

Q.2 Is carving board good for downhill?

Carving is a popular technique used in downhill speed boarding to help control speed. When carving, riders make sharp turns, which help to slow them down. Carving is a great way to stay safe while speeding down a hill, and it can also be used to add excitement to your ride.

For beginners, doing a downhill ride is difficult because it requires more skills and experience. Downhill longboard requires perfect control because if you lose it, you risk falling or hurting yourself. For those who have mastered the carving technique and have sufficient confidence, then a carving longboard will help them. However, for beginners, it is recommended that they wear knee pads and other protective gear so that all is well with them when they are on the road.

Q.3 Are top mount longboards good for carving?

Top mount longboards are suitable for carving and all other kinds of skating but are challenging to handle at high speed, so it is better to improve your skill before choosing top mount longboards for carving. However, it will be better to look up the specifications of the board you want to buy to ensure that it meets your needs and requirements.

Carving longboards is the best when it comes to doing freeride, cruising, and carving. They are specially designed to make your experience on the board more enjoyable. If you have been using an old longboard for some time now, and you feel like it is not serving you well enough, it is time to get a new one. The carving longboard will make your rides smoother and more exciting.

You can choose from different types of longboards in the market to help you get the best out of your time. However, it would help to look at various factors before buying one. The factors mentioned above will help you get a clearer picture of what is out there and also ensure that you get a product that meets your needs and preferences.

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