Longboards, undoubtedly, are the toys of adventurous souls. They are a genuine source of filling the seven colors of happiness in one’s dull and drab life. Suppose you are mentally exhausted from daily routine fatigue tasks and desperately looking for some spare time window to chillax for a moment. In that case, longboarding can be no less than an extremely enjoyable activity for you.

In addition to just cruising and rolling on a longboard, you can seek and find real joy and delight in dancing on your longboard. However, It can be quite an overwhelming question that may hit your mind as to which longboard will help best in dancing on it? How and why to finalize a certain longboard for dancing is also a serious concern for many longboard riders.

Nonetheless, you shouldn’t be worried even in the least because we will tell you everything about the best longboards for dancing that would give you high performance on an affordable budget. So keep reading the post, and don’t skip any single sentence in order to find the perfect one for you.

Buying Guide

When you spend money to fulfill your longstanding wishes and desires, you would always be little concerned about the wise and sensible usage of a product or a service you will buy. Because you cannot purchase a thing of desire every other day, be clever in finding the best longboard for dancing by considering the special considerations regarding its purchase and usage, which are given below.

We strongly suggest you consider these factors at least once before emptying your pockets on a certain longboard.

Notable Considerations For Best Dancing Longboard

A longboard is essentially an assemblage of a deck with trucks and wheels under it. However, the quality of the individual parts and additional features matter when you use your longboard for a specific purpose. Similarly, dancing longboards also need something more than that of a longboard designed for basic cruising only.

Let us systematically discuss several factors to be considered for a perfect choice dancing longboard.

1. Durable and Flexible Deck

1) Dancing on a longboard requires a strong and durable maple or bamboo wood deck.

2) The reason behind this is the breakage risk of the longboard deck while performing any dancing tricks during a longboard ride.

3) However, a durable and long-lasting deck would help you with whatever dancing steps and moves you want to perform with your longboard without losing confidence.

4) To perform dancing tricks on your longboard, you would always require ultimate flex from your longboarding deck. Nonetheless, a flexible deck would ensure an increased chance of easy dancing activity on any longboard.

5) With flex, if the board is wider, you can have more fun doing board walking maneuvers and free-style tricks due to its width. But, if the deck is very stiff and rigid, it is sure that it will break soon.

6) You’ll need a board that’s turning and Carvey enough, but not overly turning, because you also want the board to be stable while you’re dancing on it.

Best Longboard for Dancing infographic part-1

2. best longboard dancing trucks

1) Trucks of a longboard are highly important parts that ensure the mobility and dynamics of any longboard.

2) If the hardware of trucks is not sufficiently maneuverable, then it can be quite difficult for a longboarding tricks lover to perform dancing tricks on his longboard with a certain ease. A less-maneuverable longboard doesn’t allow to roll on it or experiment various unusual tricks with it quite easily.

3) The best longboard dancing trucks will be around 180mm wide with a baseplate angle of 50°.

4) It is also advisable to use responsive aluminum trucks as they are corrosion-free and lightweight; thus, they add to the maneuverability of your longboard.

Best Longboard for Dancing infographic part-2

3. best wheels for longboard dancing

1) Without its wheels, a longboard would be just a piece of wood that cannot provide any riding experience. Thus, wheels are the chief and prime parts of any longboard.
Therefore, you must give weightage to the functionality of wheels in performing any longboard dancing trick.

2) You want large, gripping wheels, 70mm+ for dancing, with a durometer of 80A/81A.

3) ABEC 11 bearings are a good choice for longboard wheel cores since they are exceptionally fine and provide a smooth ride to longboarders.

Best Longboard for Dancing infographic part-3 orangatang stimulus wheels best wheels for longboard dancing

4. Grip Tape

1) Grip tape can be another crucial consideration for longboard riders if they want to perform dancing with their boards.

2) Though an extremely coarse grip tape would offer you perfect footing on the longboard, you would need a little smooth and fine grip tape that may allow your feet to shift and shuffle their positions for easy dance moves and steps on the board.

Best Longboard for Dancing infographic part-4

5. Other

Tool Kit: Needless to say that longboard dancing can be a daring and challenging activity that would always require additional tools and equipment in case any maintenance is needed on the way. It would be best if you were prepared for any breakage in the apparatus or some part of the longboard may stop functioning. So, always ask the longboard storekeeper to give the Tool-kit alongside the longboard.

Budget: The budget is a center of concern for every longboard purchaser. Since you need a longboard for tricks to practice dancing on it, so you have to pay little extra bucks for that. However, never go for extremely pricy longboards in the beginning. First, master the skill of longboard dancing on an average-priced longboard, then go for a pro longboard.

Below Are the Top 10 Best Longboards for Dancing

Loaded Boards Bhangra Bamboo Longboard




Loaded Longboards’ Bhangra has always been a popular choice among longboarding dancers because of its impressive and amazing built quality. You will evidence the quality of bhangra as soon as you step on it.

With dimensions of 48.5″ long and 9.5″ broad, it allows dancers to do their moves easily without sliding or risking being knocked out.  It provides a big platform with lots of space for your dancing movements while still being nimble enough for extreme freestyle techniques.

Its a quite strong and flexible board that helps to do various maneuvers and free style tricks with ease. The smooth and grippy 70mm Orangatang wheels with 180mm Paris V2 trucks are great for dancing and carving.

I also like the flex, especially when riding over rough surface, since it has a lot of “tolerance” – it’s fantastic at absorbing cracks and bumps without throwing the rider off.

It’s a large board that may appear heavy at first, but trust me, as soon as you step on it, you’ll feel secure riding and dancing on it.

  • Long-lasting flexible deck for the most frenetic freestyle dancing
  • Two flexes options for heavy riders and lighter riders
  • Highly Responsive and User friendly
  • Little expensive

Volador Maple dancing longboard




Do you want to enjoy an exciting activity of freestyle skating that also involves dancing rhythm? Then we have something exceptional for you. Volador provides you with the best dancing longboard to preferably opt for skating and dancing. The product features eight layers of Maplewood creating a flexible and durable construction. The board runs 46 inches long and 9 inches wide.

The deck also has a 37-inch wheelbase, making it easy for the rider to do tricks. High-quality genuine aluminium 7-inch revere kingpin trucks installed would assure balance and stability throughout the trip. The 70×51 mm wheels are affixed to the board which features the capability to withstand hardness of 78a.

The board also features ABEC-9 bearings that provide a stable and smooth ride. Volador longboard features an amazing design and eye-catching crafts and is available in a wide range of beautiful graphics.

  • Affordable price.
  • The board is designed for both men and women.
  • Fascinating designs.
  • Holds up to a weight of 250 pounds.
  • Quality of deck and trucks can be better.

3. Whome Pro dancing longboard

Whome Pro dancing longboard




Whome pro dancing longboard is one of the best choices for freestyle skate-dancing and cruising. The product comes with a wide variety of features like PU wheels ,anti-slip grip tape, superior stability, high precision bearings etc. to give a super smooth riding experience . Whome dancing longboard is stretched to the length of 42 inches, and 9-inch width which allows you to enjoy a balanced ride efficiently.

You will get a super comfortable rolling exposure with 70×51 mm PU wheels and 31.5 inches wheelbase. The ABEC 9 precision bearings add durability and stability to the board.

The deck features 8 layers of premium maple that would last much longer and be more reliable. In addition to that a Premium OS780 grip tape is fixed on the upper surface of the deck that would offer you more control while riding and dancing on the longboard.

Overall, this is a decent board for freestyle cruising, carving, and dancing, and you should definitely give it a try, especially given the price.

  • Suitable for Long-distance skating.
  • Ideal for girls playing tricks.
  • Great for all-level skaters ranging from beginners to pros.
  • Stable even at higher speeds.
  • Bearings might have been a little better.

4. Magneto Dancing Bamboo Longboard

Magneto Dancing Bamboo Longboard




Magneto is a well-known brand that is recognised for producing superb quality boards. Today, we’ll take a look at the Magneto Dancing Bamboo Longboard, which is one of their best board. The longboard features quality bamboo material that provides durability and permanence to the longboard.

The magneto bamboo longboard covers 46 inches in length and 9 inches in width with 3 plies of bamboo giving the deck remarkable flexibility, and fibreglass mix reinforces the deck for further strength and endurance.

Magneto longboard ensures a smooth ride at any surface like park, beach, etc. Furthermore, it supports every dance style you want to perform. The board features an ideal concave shape and dual kick tail that enhances the pleasure of skate dance.

Trucks are also installed with a 7-inch hanger creating an angle of 50 Degrees. 70mm wheels can withstand a durometer hardness of 78a. The board comes with the elegant design of art and logo combined with sand grip, thus terminating the need for Crepe tape.

  • Provides a smooth ride on a variety of surfaces.
  • Will make it easy to perform a variety of dance steps.
  • Trucks are very wide, providing stability
  • Perfect grip tape would supply the extra grip to the equipment.
  • No considerable shortcomings

5. AODI 46 Inch Freeride Longboard

AODI 46 Inch Freeride Longboard




If you want to show off your longboarding skills and impress the people around, then AODI’s dancing Longboard is perfect!. AODI Longboard is made of seven layers of maple wood and has an ABEC 9 bearing installed, improving its speed when rolling over cracks or transitions in the pavement!

The AODI Freeride Longboard Skateboard features a mild concave skateboard deck profile that provides superior control and performance while riding, turning, and doing tricks. The anti-slip frosted black surface ensures your feet stay firmly in place while you’re skating.

The board also can absorb uneven and unexpected shocks and withstand a weight of 242 pounds. Furthermore, the longboard features a fantastic shape combined with a customized logo and LED wheel that lights up with rotary power.

So, Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, the AODI 46 Inch Freeride Longboard Skateboard is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a reliable and fun ride.

  • A non-slip surface provides a smooth and stable grip while sliding.
  • Suitable for both boys and girls.
  • Easy to learn.
  • The equipment comes with a Toolbox that is very easy to carry wherever you go.
  • Provide great space for easy footing.
  • Some users may be dissatisfied with the amount of flex it offers.

6. Loaded Boards MATA Hari Bamboo Longboard

Loaded Boards MATA Hari Bamboo Longboard




The Loaded Mata Hari longboard dancer has all of the qualities that longboard dancing demands.The Mata Hari embraces a dynamic and fast growing new phase of longboard dancing and freestyle, following in the footsteps of Loaded dancers.

The Mata Hari is the most technically competent board, with compact proportions, lightweight construction, snappy kicktails, and a variety of wheelbase options for riders who want to explore and take their dancing skills to the next level.

The longboard is 44.5 inches long and 9.25 inches broad, with Paris 180mm reverse-kingpin trucks, Loaded Jehu V2 bearings, and Orangatang 65mm, 80a Fat Free wheels.

Finally, the Mata Hair is drilled with not one, but 3 different wheelbase choices for a variety of performance qualities, making it ideal for a combination of freestyle and dance.

  • Poppy kicktails, compact size, lightweight construction
  • Wide deck for more stability and room for footwork
  • Excellent responsiveness and agility
  • No considerable shortcomings

7. WHOME Pro Design 44 Inch Longboard

WHOME Pro Design 44 Inch Longboard




If you want to mesmerize the world with your dance move on some nice spacious board, then WHOME Pro Design 44-Inch Longboard is the perfect board for you. WHOME longboard skateboards are precisely designed for adults, children, and beginners.

Longboard has a 44-inch length, 10-inch width, 6.9-inch kicktail, and PU transparent ground wheels 65x51mm with a durometer of 80A, giving you a vibrant dancing experience. It also has the advantages of a broader and narrower kicktail, a better foot experience for balance, and extensive skating exposure.

Overall this is a uniquely designed wide board, which offers a great platform for positioning your legs and obtaining superb balance and control while performing your spectacular dancing moves.

  • 7 layer premium Canadian alpine maple deck.
  • Balanced and Symmetrical board
  • Beginner-Friendly
  • Deck seems to be little stiff

8. DINBIN Drop Through Dancing Longboard

DINBIN Drop Through Dancing Longboard




Riders adore drop-through longboards for their dependability and high-speed performance. They also keep a low center of gravity, which improves overall stability while riding. The DINBIN high-density 8-ply hardwood maple deck itself is adequate and appears to be durable due to its flexibility.

Furthermore, owing to the non-slip sandpaper on top of the deck, dancers will not have to worry about sliding and falling even in damp weather. The slightly concave shape broadens the longboard’s capabilities, and longboarding fans may use it for cruising and long-distance travel in addition to dancing.

The longboard is 41″ long and 9″ broad, with 70 x 51 mm PU wheels with an 85A hardness rating. They’re a good all-around performer that will gently slide over any stones, fractures, or other small material that would normally hinder a traditional board.

DINBIN is a multi-function board for cruising, dancing, sliding, curving, downhill, freeride, and freestyle. If you’ve ever wanted to try longboarding, this board is a fantastic option.

  • Suitable for a wide range of riding styles
  • Reasonable cost
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Not Suitable for Heavy Riders.

9. Persunhome Double Kick Dancing Longboard 46 Inch

Persunhome Double Kick Dancing Longboard 46 Inch




Are you looking for the best dancing longboard for your ultimate dancing moves? Look no further than Persunhome’s Longboard. Persunhome dancer longboards are large boards with ample space for riders to walk or “dance” on them. These boards often have some flex and are designed for freestyle.

It has a durable 46×9-Inch sturdy deck,7-inch aluminum trucks, and 70x51mm 80A PU Wheels that provide a smooth ride, while its kicktail design provides you with more control over your movements.

This board is built with high-density Canadian maple that will last for years. Longboard also features subtle concave to assist you in carving by stepping on the edges when step walking and locating yourself on the board when spinning and moving.

  • Two beefy kicktails with effective Foot Platform ideal for dancing.
  • Customized surface for stability and grip on sliding.
  • Suitable for all level of riders beginner or experienced.
  • It is less portable than standard-sized boards.

10. LJHBC Skateboard Longboard

LJHBC Skateboard Longboard




Do you wish to show off your freestyle dancing abilities? Or, if you are a beginner who wants to learn to skate and dance on a longboard, you have come to the right spot. LJHBC longboard is the best dancing longboard for beginners.

The deck spreads to 9.5-inch width and 48-inch length. ABCE-11 chrome steel bearings enable the longboard to perform better. Two layers of bamboo and five layers of maples are fixed to impact strong resistance.

Solid highest-speed Street wheels are installed on the longboard, which provides sliding direction and good steering comfort. The wheels exhibit a hardness of 80a. The package includes adjustment tools, a backpack, and an anti-Collision strip. The longboard is easy to use and suitable for all-level longboarders.

  • Non-slip waterproof surface
  • U shape flexible design allows more control.
  • Suitable for whether beginner or experienced.
  • Easy to control
  • Extremely painful if it hits you.

Q.1) Is it possible to perform dancing on a longboard?

A) Of Course, it is quite possible to perform dancing and many other crazy tricks with your longboard.

Q.2) Can longboard dancing be dangerous?

A) Longboard dancing can certainly be dangerous for beginners and kids, especially when they haven’t prepared well and practiced much of their skills.

Q.3) What should be considered before buying a longboard for dancing?

A) You always need to double-check the durability and flexibility of deck material, the lightweight construction and responsiveness of trucks, and the hardness and maneuverability of wheels.

Q.4) How can a flexible deck contribute to an easy longboarding activity?

A) A flexible deck would allow the longboard rider to adjust his footing according to his preferred riding style and or whatever dancing trick he will perform with his longboard.

Q.5) What is the average price of a longboard for dancing?

A) The average price for a good longboard for dancing is somewhere around 250-300$.

To summarise, it is stated that longboarding might be a dull pastime if no maneuvers, such as dancing, are performed on it. Therefore, it is advisable to look for some catchy ideas and activities that you can perform on your longboards as a source of pleasurable pastime activity.

Hence, you can wisely choose the best longboard for dancing from the above list after thoroughly reviewing the buying guide. I hope you will feel more prolific and energetic as it would fill the thrill in your ride.

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Thank You.