Longboard vs Cruiser -Detailed Comparison of Longboards and Cruisers | Which is Better to Ride 2023

Are you confused between longboard and cruiser board? If yes, then you are at the right place to know about how they exactly are different from each other.

Longboard vs cruiser is the hot topic today, however, there is a lot of confusion about the difference between longboards and cruiser boards. Both have unique benefits that make them great for longboarding, but there are some key differences that are important to know to enjoy the perfect ride on the respective boards. So let’s get started.

The basic difference between cruiser board and longboard

Longboards are typically longer and broader than cruiser boards, making them ideal for cruising down the street, commuting and travelling longer distances. They also tend to be more stable at higher speeds, making them perfect for downhill racing or simply getting around town quickly. On the other hand, cruiser boards are shorter and narrower than longboards, making them more maneuverable and easier to transport.

Also, The longboard is the larger one, a board with a length of 25 to 50 inches and usually an average width of 10 inches. On the other hand, most cruiser boards are less than 34 inches long and 8 to 9.5 inches wide.

longboard vs cruiser Key differences

Longboard vs Cruiser
Longboard vs Cruiser

1. Longboard vs Cruiser Riding

The first difference to be aware of is the sort of riding they are designed for. Cruisers tend to be designed for cruising around city streets or down quiet roads; for this reason, many riders choose cruisers for recreational use or to ride on a track or street.

Cruiser boards are great for short distances commuting. They’re easy to carry around, and they provide a smooth ride. Cruiser boards are also maneuverable, making them ideal for cruising the streets and doing tricks. Whether you’re looking for a leisurely ride or a way to get around quickly, a cruiser board is a great option.

In contrast, longboards are designed for cruising on packed beaches, downhill, and countryside roads where the increased surface area allows them to stay upright. They also have slower rolling resistance than cruisers.

Longboards are bigger and heavier than cruisers, so they are less maneuverable. Longboards have wider contact points between the rider’s feet and board that make it easier for skaters to stand up on the board when performing tricks or to stop. They generally have wider stance widths than cruisers to provide support when standing up and more grip when holding on in tight spots.

2. Cruiser Vs Longboard Stability

Longboard decks are generally longer than other skateboard decks, longboard trucks are more substantial, and longboard wheels are larger. Because of their size, longboards tend to be more stable than other types of skateboards, making them ideal for beginners. However, cruiser boards–which are shorter than full-sized longboards–are often less stable than longboards, particularly at high speeds. This is due to the short wheelbase and loose trucks, which can cause speed wobbles when going down steep hills.

3. Cruiser Vs Longboard Deck Size:

Cruisers are often called ‘mini cruiser skateboards’; they are a few inches shorter than a longboard, keeping the length under 34 inches and width at  8.0 to 9.5 inches.

A longboard deck will be larger and heavier than a cruiser’s. The bigger surface area allows better balance when standing up and provides more stability, which makes them feel slower than cruisers and easier to push forward.

Longboards typically have 36 to 42 inches long and 8.8 inches to 10 inches wide decks. Cruiser decks are smaller and less consistent in size than longboard decks. This makes them more suitable for cruising in congested areas.

4. Longboard vs Cruiser Shape:

Cruiser decks are typically a rounded shape with a focus on reducing weight and maintaining the board’s maneuverability. These boards are designed to be ridden mainly on flat surfaces or pushed around town.

Longboards come in different shapes and styles, each designed for a specific kind of riding. Some popular longboard shapes are Pintail, Drop Through, Drop Down, Double Drop, kicktail, etc. For example, Pintail boards are great for cruising and commuting, while drop-through boards are perfect for racing and downhill riding. Double drop boards offer the best of both worlds, providing stability and control for casual and competitive riders.
Longboards are usually built for cruising, commuting, and downhill racing.

5. Longboard vs Cruiser Wheels

Cruisers and longboards use different types of wheels. Many manufacturers offer cruiser boards with small wheels in a 55-58 mm range. These wheels are great for cruising around town and on flat surfaces; however, they will not be able to ride very fast or perform tricks very well due to their lower weight. Cruisers usually used a durometer of 78A to 82A. Orangatang Fat-Free 65 mm Freeride is one of the best cruiser wheels.

Longboards typically have larger diameter wheels, which means they have a greater surface area between the axle and the wheel, providing better stability while cruising downhill.

The diameter of a longboard wheel is typically 64 to 80 mm and a durometer of 78a and 80a; this makes them suitable for most conditions and allows them to travel faster than smaller wheels on roadways or pavements.

6. Cruiser Vs Longboard Trucks

A mini-cruiser typically uses a Traditional kingpin (TKP) truck similar to a skateboard truck on the street. In contrast, regular longboards use reverse kingpin trucks (RKP)

These trucks are perfect for those who want a versatile and easily maneuverable truck for their cruiser board. They offer reasonable control when skating around town or at the skate park with a low ride height. They come in smaller sizes, making them perfect for smaller longboard cruisers. 

RKPs are longer and more stable than TKPs. Reverse kingpin trucks are more popular for longboarding because they provide a smoother ride and more stability at high speeds. They make steering easier, accelerate and brake faster, and allow you to perform more tricks while riding. Finding one that will fit your skateboard is the hardest part of choosing a truck. 


What’s better for beginners, longboards or cruisers?

You can ride a mini-cruiser or longboard as a beginner if you have some basic skills. As for the choice of board, most experts recommend choosing the shape that suits your riding style and needs. It depends on personal preferences, but I would recommend using a longboard because it is more stable and easier to handle at high speed.

Are cruiser boards good?

Yes, cruiser boards are good because they can be ridden on roads and in congested areas and do not have much rolling resistance. The smaller size is also an advantage, making them easy to carry around.

Which is better, longboard or cruiser?

Longboards are better than cruiser boards because they are more stable, have better grip, and can go faster than cruisers. You can perform more tricks on a longboard. If you want to cruise around town, then a mini-cruiser will be just fine for you.

Is a cruiser or longboard easier?

Mini cruisers are easier to ride in crowded places and on roads, but a longboard is more stable and easier to handle at high speeds. 

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