What Size Longboard Should I Get For My Height- Guide 2023

Greetings! How do you determine what size longboard should I get for my height? This is a common question among beginner longboard riders.

As we know, longboards come in a variety of sizes and variations. It becomes super confusing to select the one that will suit you the best way possible. There are a few things to consider when purchasing a new longboard. This essay will discuss the most critical factors to consider when choosing a longboard of perfect size.

What Size Longboard Should I Get For My Height

When we talk about a longboard size? Do you know what does it mean? Let me tell you. It refers to the size of the deck on which you ride and where your footing keeps you balanced. Buying a longboard of perfect size totally depends on the type of longboarding you’re going to do.

But let me tell you some basic things while choosing the longboard, If you’d like to go to big hills and gain speed, you’re going to need a long longboard (up to 42 inches or longer) the length will help you keep your stability and make you go faster. You’ll also want to think about getting big wheels. Big wheels will keep your stability speed and roll right over rocks and other obstacles nicely.

if you’re planning on doing tricks, and sliding on a longboard, you’re going to want a shorter longboard (up to 32 inches) that’s more responsive. It needs to turn where you want it to go quickly, and the board should have some concave for your feet; this open will allow you to do slides nicely. I have also shared my experience for beginner on how to carve and slide on longboards here.

Also, rider height can be one of the factors that can be taken into consideration because
It won’t be easy to move the longboard if the board is too narrow for your feet; along with this, the quality of the longboard and the longboarding style are the overall aspects that are mandatory to consider while buying a longboard of perfect size.

The length of a longboard is determined by one of four basic longboarding styles:

  • Downhill
  • Freeride
  • Freestyle
  • Cruising

1. Downhill

Downhill is pretty self-explanatory these boards are used to go as fast as possible. Usually, in a racing scenario, have you ever seen those riders with really intense helmets and full suits. Then yep, those are downhill longboard riders. If you’re a beginner, you’re not going to want to be doing it downhill because it requires some pretty intense skills. Boards that fall under the downhill category are typically very stiff, have wide trucks for stability, and are equipped with aggressive grip tape.

2. Freeride

Then there’s freeride, which is essentially just going fast and throwing long slides, these boards will typically have more flex and have harder wheels making it easier to slide downhill, and freeride pretty much go hand in hand because they’re both all about high speeds but chances are, if you’re a beginner, you’re not going to want to start by doing downhill or free ride that’s just crazy, in my opinion.

3. Freestyle

Moving on we have freestyle which is pretty much the most versatile categories like carving, dancing doing tricks all fall under this category. It’s pretty open for interpretation and is one of the most expressive forms of longboarding. Have you’ve ever seen someone do flip tricks, move up and down their board then that all fall under the freestyle category these boards will usually have a kicktail so you can do tricks and will often have a platypus shape with a drop through the truck mount, but there are so many other board variations as well out there.

I don’t want to limit it and tell you that it’s just a platypus shape you can get a freestyle board if you’re a beginner because it will offer enough deck space to balance on and if you know in the future that you’re going to want to do tricks or you’re going to want to dance, then it honestly does make sense, but if you know for a fact that you’re never going to be interested in doing tricks or dancing then the final category is for you.

4. Cruising

It would be best if you got a cruiser board if you’re looking to do some mellow cruising go from point “A” to point “B” these boards will often come in like a pintail shape with wide and soft wheels but like the freestyle category it’s not limited to a specific board form there are even mini cruisers which have that old school retro style.

All right so that’s a broad overview of longboard categories that’s how I like to categorize them so hopefully that was simple and clear to understand the longboards types and the size of longboard you should buy.

So, depending on the type of longboarding you want to do, you can look at the chart above and choose the best longboard size for you.

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I’ve already provided images and descriptions for several longboard sizes. If you follow my advice, you should have a favorable outcome. Check the sizes of the other parts as well for the best results. Hopefully, you now know the answer to “What size longboard should I get for my height?”