Rough roads are not kind to longboarders, so a good investment in longboard wheels is essential to any cruiser’s gear. You’re out skating and feel like your longboard is moving too slowly on slightly rougher roads, which can make it frustrating. You’re not accelerating or slowing down as quickly as you’d want, making it difficult and unsafe to stay in control.

You’ve been riding for a while and are starting to wonder if your wheels could use some replacement. Having said this, the question “What are the best longboard wheels for cruising on rough roads?” is as appropriate as it is prudent. Luckily, we came up with a pretty comprehensive list of what we believe to be some of the best-rated options out there. Check them out below.

Below Are The Best Longboard Wheels For Cruising On Rough Roads

Best Longboard Wheels For Cruising On Rough Roads
Best longboard wheels for rough roads

1. Bigfoot Longboard Wheels (Best Longboard Wheels for Rough Roads)

Bigfoot Longboard Wheels




I used these Wheels on my board and found them to be a great match. I felt like the wheels were perfect for cruising on the rough roads, and they felt pretty easy to control. The wheels also maintain balance well so that you don’t have to worry about them being wobbly while travelling at high speeds.

The Bigfoot Longboard Wheels provide excellent grip to help keep you in control and maintain your speed when skating on rougher surfaces. The offset core is designed for stability at high speeds, which are especially helpful for riders trying to master sliding techniques. These wheels are a good investment for beginner and intermediate-level longboarders aiming to cruise on rougher roads.

The Mountains are not the only thing the wheels can do well; they are also great for downhill and slalom. The low profile is also great to help you cut through turns and keep your speed up. I recommend these Longboard Wheels for cruising on rough roads if you want a smooth ride.

  • Affordable and perfect for rapid speed.
  • Best for a fast and smooth downhill riding.
  • It works better as expensive brands do.
  • Not good for beginners.

2. Arbor Outlook Longboard Wheels (Best Longboard for Bumpy Roads)

Arbor Outlook Longboard Wheels




The Arbor Outlook Longboard Wheels is a favourite because of its chic design and easy ride. It comes in black, white, and red, which makes it easy to match with any longboard. This wheel is best for cruising on rough roads and bumpy roads. The wheel provides an excellent grip to help keep you in control on rough surfaces while balancing well, even when travelling at high speeds.

It’s also great for downhill and slalom skating because of its low-profile design. If you enjoy fast speeds and want to travel from point A to point B without having too much difficulty navigating rough areas, or if you want a smoother ride on your board, this longboard wheel is an excellent investment.

The wheels are designed to take on all the uneven surfaces that might come your way so that you can smoothly cruise through any type of road, whether a little bit rougher or not.In my opinion, I have found them to be excellent for cruising on rough surfaces and also great for carving. They are not too expensive and work well even if you push them hard

  • Offers a smoother glide.
  • Excellent for swift movement.
  • The attractive design makes it appear stylish and attractive.
  • Wheels may be quite grippy at times.

3. Cloud Ride Urethane Longboard Wheels (Best Longboard for Rough Pavement)

Cloud Ride Urethane Longboard Wheels




The Cloud Ride Street Cruiser 65mm 78A Urethane Longboard Wheels provide a smoother glide and offer predictable slides without having to wear down the wheel surface. This is advantageous because it helps you move faster with less friction. The wheels are also great for carving, downhill, and freeride riding because of their grip.

These wheels can go over cracks, small rocks, and rough surfaces without getting stuck, which is excellent when cruising on rough roads as it makes it more manageable to turn corners. They are readily accessible in black color, which makes them attractive in appearance and easy to match with your board type.

Cloud Ride pours quality urethane so that the texture stays smooth even if you’re going fast, which is excellent for cruising. The Cloud Ride Street Cruiser 65mm 78A Urethane Longboard Wheels are ideal for freeriding, downhill longboarding, and sidewalk cruising.

  • Good cornering grip and smooth rolling.
  • It saves time when downhilling or freeriding.
  • Ideal for long stand-ups and playful riding.
  • Some users claim that when going downhill or freeriding at high speeds, the wheels get stuck.

4. MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels (Best all-terrain longboard wheels)

MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels




I’ve been riding MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels for a year now, and I’d like to share my thoughts on them. The best thing about these wheels is that they can grip up on different surfaces, including dirt, and maintain their speed. When I’m going fast downhill or free ride boarding, they are pretty reliable as they won’t break apart as other groups of wheels may do when you’re at high speeds or going downhill.

These would be my top pick for those looking for a wheelset that can take on many types of terrain without getting stuck and still maintain its speed. Additionally, the wheel design is cute enough to look at, which makes it very fashionable in appearance.

I use a set of MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels to go over sidewalks and pavement hard, packed dirt, or short grass. It’s been great for me because it has made my ride smoother. With my previous wheels, I would feel all the bumps in the ground, but with these MBS All-Terrain Longboard Wheels, that is not an issue. The start-up was easy and smooth as well as stopping, making it much more convenient than my old wheels. These are good wheels to use when cruising over different surfaces.

  • Easy to use, turn, stop and go.
  • Recommended for beginners because of its ease to use.
  • Great for cruising over different surfaces at high speeds.
  • On the walkways, several people found it heavy and loud.

5. Orangatang Longboard Skateboard Cruising Wheels (Best Affordable wheels)

Orangatang Longboard Skateboard Cruising Wheels




My friend has been using these wheels for a while, and he’s found them to be really good. The price is affordable and an excellent choice for beginners learning how to longboard. They give you enough grip while cruising downhill, so you don’t lose control over your board and slide out of control. It also helps to ride over cracks or small rocks on the ground without getting stuck.

Even though it’s affordable, it doesn’t feel cheap when riding it down hills or on rough terrain because of its speed and feeling as if nothing were there. It’s good to know that it has four different colour options of 80a orange, 77a blue, and 83a purple, which makes them attractive.

These are good wheels for going fast downhill or free ride boarding because they provide a comfortable ride while maintaining stability. They can also grip up on different surfaces without getting stuck and slide smoothly when you want them to do so. If you’re looking for an affordable wheel that gives you a smooth ride at high speeds, this is one of the best wheels.

  • Due to the larger size and duro, the roll speed is quicker.
  • Excellent for cruising, carving, and high-performance speed boarding.
  • Wheel have a great grip.
  • Bearings and spacers are not included with wheels.

6. Orangatang Caguama 85 mm Longboard Wheels (Best Comfortable Longboard)

Orangatang Caguama 85 mm Longboard Wheels




The 85mm diameter of the Caguama is a massive improvement over other wheels. The axle is also 44mm wide, making it easier to roll on dirt or short grass while cruising. It’s designed to be super fast and stable, so you can ride down hills at high speeds or carve smoothly with no issue.

The urethane formula of the wheels offers speed, stability, and stiffness, which helps if you’re trying to push yourself even faster on your board. For each wheel colour, there are three durometers: 77a (blue), 80a (orange), and 83a (purple). You can choose which durometer you want to depend on your needs.

The blue is excellent for beginners and intermediate riders looking for a smooth ride or going fast downhill. Orange is suitable for experienced riders or those who like going fast downhill and can withstand some bumps when cruising. Purple is designed for high speeds, and they are good if you’re going downhill because of its traction to the road.

The extensive contact patch and surface skin help reduce vibration and ensure that you’re in maximum control over your board while riding at least one of these three wheelsets. The core is made out of urethane, which helps reduce weight while providing quick acceleration and lots of momentum while riding.

You don’t need to worry about getting stuck on the road or track because of its resistance to dirt, rocks, and roots. It also works well with any electric skateboard that can fit with the Kegels or leaf springs. Bigger wheels take a bit longer to come around when you’re cruising because of their weight, but if you’re looking for a smooth ride, this is one of the best choices out there.

  • Easy to use and comfortable with various types of setup.
  • Ideal for rough terrain.
  • The wheels glide effortlessly over cracks and pebbles.
  • Some complaints that edges started to rip off quickly.

7. Orangatang Kegel 80 mm Downhill Longboard Skateboard Cruising Wheels (Best All Round Wheels)

Orangatang Kegel Longboard Skateboard Wheels




Orangatang Kegel 80mm Downhill Longboard Skateboard Cruising Wheels are the perfect choice for longboards. They make it easier to push your limits and reach them effortlessly with their large, supportive core and easy-grip lip. The urethane formula is also great, so they glide on your board without much effort.

The Orangatang wheels provide many features that you wouldn’t find in other comparable options, like bigger diameters, better rolling over anything (on rough surfaces), maximum traction and grip at high speeds, and max speed for acceleration fluidity at low speeds. They have some benefits that would be desirable if you were looking to buy a complete longboard like the Jeep V2 bearings that come with it, which have extended inner raceways to eliminate the need for spacers and speed rings. This is a great way to save money in the long run, so you don’t have to buy those separately.

It’s good for cruising around the neighbourhood and easy pushing and freeriding. The precision and grip of these wheels are great for racing, pumping, charging down hills quickly or even doing some tight turns when you’re manoeuvring around short obstacles on the sidewalk or across grassy terrain. Since they glide smoothly along almost every surface, they would also be a good choice if you want to ride them on your electric skateboard.

  • Excellent quality, durability, and performance.
  • Best for downhill and freeriding.
  • Rolls over cracks, pebbles, sticks, and the toughest roads at incredible speed.
  • Not the best wheels in terms of grip.

What things to consider before buying longboard wheels for rough roads?

When you’re choosing wheels, there are some things you should keep in mind. If you’re planning to get a complete longboard with the wheels, make sure that they are compatible with your deck. Here is a list of things you should consider before buying wheels for a longboard.

Type of the Wheel

There is a variety of wheels for longboards you can select according to your needs:

1. Cruising Wheels:

You can use these wheels for cruising around the neighborhood and easy pushing and freeriding. The precision and grip of these wheels are great for racing, pumping, charging down hills quickly, or even doing some tight turns when you’re maneuvering around short obstacles on the sidewalk or across grassy terrain.

These wheels are perfect for a beginner because they’re easier to push but provide a smooth ride, usually at moderate speeds. Cruiser wheels come in different options depending on your needs. You can choose if you want them to be faster or slower depending on how far you want to cruise and how much acceleration is needed.

2. Downhills Wheels:

These are designed for taking your ride to the next level. They’re usually made of bigger wheels with larger contact patches and surfaces that provide more traction and grip while reducing vibration. Longboarders who love riding downhill at high speeds would benefit from these wheels since they have a large contact patch, surface skin, and core that aids in stopping and turning rapidly, giving you better control over your board, especially while travelling downhill. The sliding resistance is reduced because the urethane formula and core help maintain speed while going downhill.

3. Freeride Wheels:

These wheels are designed to go over rough and bumpy roads smoothly. Depending on your needs, they come in different sizes, shapes, and colours with various formulas and durometers. Freeriding wheels are also made precisely, gliding on the surface without slowing down or causing any problems. This helps you maintain fast speeds while cruising on rough terrain or trying to manoeuvre around obstacles smoothly. Some freeride wheels also have a core which is helpful if you want to go downhill because it will provide traction to the road and reduce vibration while you’re riding.


Durometers are a measurement of friction determined by a material’s ability to withstand surface contact.

The lower the durometer rating, the smoother it will glide on pavement and other surfaces, but the less grip it’ll give you when going downhill, especially on rough terrain. Low durometer wheels will also take quite a bit longer to break in. The higher the durometer rating, the more traction it will produce to the surface it’s going over.

Softer longboard wheels, in general, have more grip but roll slower, whereas greater durometer longboard wheels have less grip but roll quicker. The most common durometers for almost all sorts of longboarding are 78a and 80a because they provide a good balance of grip, roll speed, and slide-ability.

Contact Patch

The contact patch is the measurement of the distance between the top of the wheel and the point of contact with the ground. 

A wheel with a larger contact patch has more grip and is often favoured for downhill, whereas a wheel with a smaller contact patch has less grip and is generally preferred for freeriding. A bigger contact patch when sliding will slow you down faster and offer you more control, but it will be more difficult to begin and will have a more abrupt transition from grip to slide.


Longboard wheels with cores are made to maintain speed and reduce vibration on rough terrain. Some cores also aid in the breaking-in process, so they’re essential if you want your wheels to be ready faster.

Diameter of Wheel

The diameter of the wheel is measured in millimetres, usually ranging from 70mm to 76mm. It affects how they ride and respond to turning, acceleration and speed. The larger the diameter of the wheel, the faster it’ll be but with less acceleration, while a smaller diameter would produce less speed with more acceleration.


What longboard wheels are best for cruising?

Orangatang Caguama wheels are great if you’re into cruising and freeriding; they’re soft and smooth with a large contact patch surface area and a high offset core, so they’re great for riding over rough terrain as well as when going downhill. They come in different durometers ranging from 77a, 80a, and 83a, depending on what you want from your wheels.

What is the ideal longboard wheel size?

If you’re a beginner and want to start with a good quality wheel, we recommend buying a wheel 38mm in length. They’re great for cruising around the neighbourhood or your area. 

If you’re looking for good-quality wheels that can last a long time, we recommend getting 42mm wheels because they are designed to last longer than any other wheel size.

Can you use skateboard wheels on longboards?

Maybe you’re on the fence about buying longboard wheels and wondering if you can use these on your skateboard, like doing tricks or pushing as fast as you can. Well, the short answer is Yes. Skateboard wheels are made for speed, grip, and traction, so they perform well for all types of skating, even longboarding.

Ending Note

Longboarding is the newest fun way to get around without spending gas money or worrying about traffic or road rage while driving. It’s also a great way to work out and stays fit while having fun. Longboard wheels are essential to your longboard; they keep you moving, riding, and cruising smoothly. They come in different durometers, shapes, and sizes, so you can choose one if you’re into freeride or if your freeride wheels are out of shape.

So remember to check on each wheel’s specifications before buying one to ensure that it’ll be the right choice for you. Having the right wheels can make all of these possible, so now it’s your turn. Start cruising on your board by selecting from our selection of the best longboard wheels.

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