What is Free Ride Longboarding? – Find out the Exciting Way to Enjoy Your Longboarding Journey 2023

You might not think of it at first glance, but longboarding is a very convenient form of transportation. Freeride longboarding is an exciting sport that allows you to enjoy a variety of terrains and surfaces while practicing or improving your skills.

If you’re new to the sport of longboarding, then you may be wondering What is freeride Longboarding? Freeride longboarding is a type of riding that emphasizes speed, control, and style. It’s a more advanced type of boarding that takes skill and practice to master. If you’re interested in learning more about freeriding longboarding, keep reading! I’ll explain the basics and give you some tips for getting started.

Freeriding is a sport that uses modern longboards. Freeride longboarding is a style of riding that focuses more on downhill speed and sliding. It’s often considered the purest and most challenging version of Longboarding.

To participate in freeride Longboarding, you need a good setup that will allow you to turn sharply and slide fast. A good freeride board should have drop-through mounting, a rocker profile for stiffness and carving ability, and an angled nose for easy foot placement when the speed picks up.

What is freeride Longboarding
Freeride Longboarding

Freeride longboarding is based on the same rules and skills as downhill longboarding. When it comes to longboarding, the term “freeride” refers to a general style that incorporates many of the definitive techniques which this allows the rider to be free to do anything he wishes while riding down the slopes.

Although freeriding is frequently considered a subset of downhill longboarding, it has evolved into its own style. Freeriding is any riding that isn’t racing or cruising, and it includes a wide range of skills and maneuvers. Some of the most popular longboarding tricks like flips, slides, stand-up slides, hand-down slides, tech slides, tailwhips, and minor downhill. All of these are closely related to freeride longboarding. Whatever style you use, freeriding is all about having fun and letting your creativity run wild. As a result, it has become one of the most popular longboarding styles.

To enjoy freeride Longboarding, you have to learn to speed up and how you will stop the board while controlling your body balance. Practice soft heelside stand-up sliding with your legs out while you slowly turn your board sideways while speeding. The primary trick of freeride Longboarding is riding a switch, which means you have to be an expert in riding opposite your natural stance.

You should ride with your right foot forward if you’re a regular footer; if you’re a goofy footer, you should ride with your left foot forward.

Downhill vs Freeride longboard

Downhill longboarding is a much more straightforward style to learn, as you can use downhill boards, which will still slide down fast. The main focus of this riding is to increase the speed. 50-65 mph is the average speed for downhill riders.

However, freeride Longboarding is a much more challenging experience that demands an advanced skill set here the main focus is on spins, slides, and different types of maneuvers. Maximum speed is not the center of attention in freeriding.

Freeride vs Freestyle longboard

Freestyle longboarding is a more demanding and technical version of freeriding. The riders will take their everyday flatland skateboarding and discover a new dimension allowing them to experience something other than what they have seen before. It comprises stunts, flipping, and spinning rather than sliding at high speed. Freestyle riding is performed on straight roads and paths, while freeriding is recommended on mountains, hills, and challenging trails.

Cruising vs Freeride 

This is relatively easy to learn and perform than other types of longboarding styles. Cruising is riding on longboards for transportation or travel. This is done at low speed and more on foot pushing rather than flipping and sliding. Unlike downhill, this is the most relaxed riding.

There are many different types of freeride longboard decks. But choosing a good longboard is not a difficult task. If you want to get started with freeride Longboarding, beginning with a basic model is advisable, as this will allow you to practice and master all the techniques before you start trying tricks and more advanced riding styles.

Freeride Longboard Deck/ Shape

Freeride board decks are usually symmetrical and designed for facilitating sliding and flipping, which can be a little different from the regular longboards you are used to. Downhill longboard decks typically come with an asymmetrical stance for smooth riding.

This is how they differ from other boards, but it is an important aspect that should be discussed before deciding on your longboard. The length of freeride boards is between 38″ to 42″.

Freeride Longboard Wheels

The wheels you pick for freeriding will be hugely affected by your riding style. If you want a wheel that will slide effortlessly and allow you to slide anytime you want, use a side-set rounded wheel with a medium durometer (80-84a).

If you want extra grip in your modest downhill to freeride, you should consider obtaining an off-set square-lipped wheel in a low-medium durometer (78-84a). This will provide the necessary grip while also allowing for slips when required. The choice of wheels is ultimately up to the rider and what they are most com but a standard freeride board has a wheelbase of 8.5 to 10 inches.

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Landyachtz Drop Cat Complete Longboard freeride longboards

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4. VOLADOR 42inch Freeride Longboard Complete Cruiser

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5. Loaded Boards Icarus Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete

Loaded Boards Icarus Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete free ride longboard 

Freeride longboarding is a great activity to pick up. It allows you to explore the road and trails uniquely. Freeride is also a great way to improve your skills with different terrains and even train your balance on various objects.

Freeride longboarding is a popular sport that requires a lot of skill, talent, and experience. It also takes a particular board and great equipment to perform the best tricks and keep your feet safe. Freeride has more exploration, so you have to have an open mind to try new things. The best thing about freeriding is that you can enjoy it anywhere and anytime. Your imagination and creativity can guide you; the only limit is your skill. 

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