Penny Board vs Longboard -Let’s Unleash the Perfect Riding Option 2023

Longboarding has grown to be the most popular sport on the planet today. It is no longer used to show off your skills, do tricks, or cruise and commute but has become a passion for many people. Various boards of different brands are trending in the market as per the rider’s needs, preferences, and skills. But Penny board vs longboard has always been the hot topic in the skating community.

So, today, we’ll go over some significant considerations while deciding between a penny board and a longboard.

Penny board is a type of skateboard often constructed of a high-quality plastic mix. They are smaller in size than longboards but have a lot of mobility. These boards are lightweight and portable. However, because of their smaller size, they are less sturdy and may be more challenging to balance on than a huge board.

Longboard is similar to skateboard, but they have a long platform and larger wheels, making them faster and easier to ride. Longboard’s are suitable for beginners, convenient for travel and transit, and offer a stable and super comfortable ride.

Penny board vs longboard

1. Deck Size

longboard deck size
Penny board deck size

Longboard: The length of a longboard deck can range from 32 to 45+ inches, with an average width of 8 to 10 inches.  Longboard decks are made primarily of bamboo, maple, birch. Bamboo and Maple decks are both lightweight and durable and has an excellent blend of flex and stability, making it ideal for cruising and carving.

Penny board: The deck size of the penny board can vary from 22 inches to 27 inches long and width of 5 to 7.4 inches. The Penny board, also known as a plastic skateboard, has a high-quality, long-lasting non-slip plastic deck. The deck’s unique plastic mix provides both strength and flexibility.

2. trucks

longboard truck
penny board truck

Longboard: Longboards are bigger boards hence the trucks used in longboards are wider, ranging from 150mm-180mm. The trucks used in longboards are generally reversed kingpins which means the kingpin is facing outwards. These trucks help in smooth and more stable rides at higher speeds, and this RKPS allows riders to turn much more efficiently during cruising.

Penny board: Penny boards are lightweight boards and are smaller in size. Trucks used in penny boards are 3 to 4 inches long. Penny boards have a narrow trucks and shorter wheelbase, allowing the rider to turn more quickly, but they are less stable than longboards.

3. quality

longboard quality
penny board quality

Longboard: Longboards are usually made of maple, birch, bamboo, a mix of fiberglass and wood. Longboards have multiple layers of mapple or bamboo, making them super flexible and durable. Due to such rigid construction weight limit for longboards is more compared to penny boards.

Penny board: Penny boards are made up of high-quality plastic mix, which is super flexible and durable. Due to the plastic deck, we don’t have too much worry about any scratches or damaging board even if it gets wet. However, water could rust the balls and bearings, but the deck is not much affected..

4. wheels

longboard wheels

penny board wheels

Longboard: Longboards are usually softer, bigger, and broader than penny board wheels. Longboard wheel size ranges from 60mm to 100mm, and the most common durometers for longboard fall under 75-78a .Wheels on longboard offer more grip and need more power to accelerate the boards, but you will get a more comfortable ride in longer distance. Longboard has a wider wheelbase, which means more expansive deck space and more stability at a higher speed..

Penny board: Penny board wheels are smaller as compared to longboard wheels. Both 22-inch penny board and 27 inch Nickel are equipped with 59mm wheels and a durometer of 83A, a stiffer wheel. Wheels base is closer in penny boards; hence, they will turn quickly and efficiently and be fun to ride and carve.

5. Portability

longboard portability

penny board portability

Longboard: Longboard size may vary from 32 inches to 45+ inches long, so you can imagine how difficult it would be to carry this board. The average weight of a longboard may be between 7 to 10 pounds. So you can take a longboard in your hand or need to buy a shoulder backpack to carry it.

Penny board:

Penny boards are lightweight, smaller boards that can easily store and carry in your backpack. It weighs up to 4 pounds.
Due to highly portable and compact sizes, these boards are perfect for convenient maneuvering through busy roads.

So I have given a detailed comparison between Penny board vs longboard in this article. But If you are still confused, Let me give you a quick important tip. If you are a beginner and have just started your skating journey, I recommend going for longboards as they are more stable to ride. But if you have some skateboarding experience, you can have fun with the penny board. The small size makes them extra maneuverable, which is excellent for cruising on campus and they are incredibly portable.

An excellent sturdy longboard may cost between $100 to $300$ and can also go up to 400$ as per the board’s performance, quality, brand, and durability. While Penny boards are less expensive as compared to longboards. Penny board is pretty affordable and may cost between 40$ to 100$ with great design and options.

So it was a piece of information that I liked to share with you guys. However, if you have any valuable feedback, you can add your comment in the comment box. I will respond as soon as possible.

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Happy riding!!!