How To Clean Longboard Wheels?- To Experience Optimum Riding Performance 2023

Wheels are undoubtedly the most important part of a longboard. They not only give the rider movement and speed, but they also have a significant impact on the overall aesthetic and feel of an aboard. However, being the most used component of a longboard, wheels get dirty over time, affecting your longboarding performance. The dirt and grime can wear down the wheel and shorten its lifespan.

This blog post will show you How To Clean Longboard Wheels like a pro! Whether you’re using a brush or a cleaning solution, these tips will help remove all dirt and gunk from your wheels. So, whether you’re just getting started with longboarding or you’ve been riding for years, keep reading to learn the best technique to clean your longboard wheels!

Many people might not see the need to clean their longboard wheels. However, there are several reasons why it’s important to keep them clean. First of all, it helps to prevent damage to the wheels. Dirt and other debris may accumulate on the surface of the wheels over time, leading them to get scraped and worn.

Dirty wheels are one of the most common causes of longboarding problems. They may make your ride less smooth and cause your wheels to wobble and eventually fall off. The reason is simple: dirt and grime accumulate on the wheel’s surface, making it difficult for the bearings to revolve smoothly. This makes your journey less pleasant, but it may also be dangerous.

In addition, a build-up of dirt can also make the wheels less effective at gripping the road, which can lead to a loss of control while riding. By removing dirt and grime, you can help to ensure that your wheels will continue to roll smoothly for many years to come. So next time you’re getting ready to go for a ride, don’t forget to give your wheels a good clean first.

how to clean longboard wheels
how to clean longboard wheels

1. Remove the wheels from the longboard or Skateboard

While removing the longboard wheels, there are a few key steps that you will need to follow. First, you will need a skate tool to remove the wheels’ nuts. Once you have your tool, you should begin by loosening the nuts slightly.

This will allow you to remove the wheels more easily once they are loose. Once the wheels are loose, gently remove them from the axle, being careful not to put too much pressure on the bearings inside. as soon as the wheels are removed, speed rings pop out. Now keep the wheel and ring aside safely for the time being.

2. Remove bearings from wheels

Remove bearings from longboard wheels

After removing the wheels, we can see a bearing right there, and if we remove the wheel entirely and look on the other side, we can see another bearing. so in order to take the bearing out, we need to wiggle it on the axle of the truck. If the bearing is stubborn, you may need to remove it with a screwdriver or plier. Once the bearing has been freed and removed, we must also remove the spacer from the wheel’s centre.

3. Clean longboard bearings

Clean longboard bearings

Once your wheels have been removed, you can begin cleaning out any debris or dust accumulated inside your bearings using an old toothbrush or compressed air gun. If there is grease or oil on your bearings, you can use rubbing alcohol or mineral spirit to help dissolve it and make it easier to wipe away.

After the bearings are free of debris, you can begin re-lubricating them using high-quality bearing grease or oil. Personally, I prefer Bones Speed Cream Bearing Lubricant specifically designed for skate bearings. Now the bearings that have been properly cleaned and lubricated should spin more smoothly and quietly than before.

4. Clean longboard Wheels

Clean longboard Wheels

Longboards are a fun way to go about, but they can become filthy fast. If you’re not cautious, your longboard’s wheels can accumulate a coating of grime that will make it difficult to ride. So, to clean those dirt wheels, we’ll need a brush to remove the extra dirt, a sponge to thoroughly wipe the surface of the wheel, a pail or container filled with hot water, and finally some soap to clean those wheels.

The first step is to remove any additional grime from the wheels by washing them in running water and scrubbing them with a brush. Then, in a bucket, combine hot water and detergent and thoroughly mix them together. After soaking the wheels in detergent water for approximately 10 minutes, use a brush and sponge to remove any leftover dirt. Then, rinse them under running water again to remove any soap or detergent residue. After that, use a towel, cloth, or other dry material to dry the wheels properly before re-installing.

5. Reassemble Longboard Wheels and Bearings.

Reassemble Longboard Wheels and Bearings

So now we have cleaned the bearings and wheels, it’s time to reassemble the components properly on the longboard. The first step in this process is to slide your skateboard’s truck axle with the shield side down onto your bearings. Press your wheel into the bearings until the top bearing is completely seated. Turn the wheel with your weight until the bearing is evenly placed. Replicate the same process with the other side of the wheel.

After you’ve installed the bearings in your new wheels, you may reinstall the wheels on the trucks’ axles. When you install the wheel to the axle, the right side should be facing out. By inspecting the graphics or angle of the wheel, you may determine which side is on the outside. After you’ve placed the wheels, tighten the axle nut with a tool until there’s no wiggle area between the truck and the nut.

So now that we’ve fitted bearings and wheels on our longboard, we’re ready to ride. Simply spin the wheel on the board to ensure it is freely moving.


Cleaning your longboard wheels is an important part of keeping them in good condition. Not only does it make them look nicer, but it also helps to increase their lifespan. In this article, we’ve outlined the best way to clean your longboard wheels using a few simple steps. We hope you found this information helpful and that you will keep your wheels clean for optimal performance!

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