Can You Put Longboard Wheels On a Skateboard? To spice up your Skateboarding 2023

Do you want to go faster and have a smoother, more balanced ride on your skateboard but don’t want to invest in a new longboard? The first question that arises is, Can You Put Longboard Wheels On A Skateboard? and make your skateboarding more exciting with longboard wheels.

If you’re thinking about doing the same thing, and you’re curious like me and want to keep experimenting with your skateboard, this post will give you a quick rundown of my experience with Putting Longboard Wheels On a Skateboard.

Before we get started, let me quickly go over some vital information about longboard and skateboard wheels.

  • Skateboard wheels are typically 49mm to 54mm in diameter, whereas longboard wheels are 60 to 90mm in diameter.
  • Longboard wheels provide more stability and top speed due to their larger size, but the acceleration is slower, requiring you to push harder and consume more energy to reach that top speed.
  • Skateboard wheels are smaller in size; they will have a slower top speed, but they have faster acceleration, so you don’t have to push as much to get to that speed.
Can You Put Longboard Wheels On a Skateboard
Longboard Wheels vs Skateboard Wheels

Yes, we Can Put Longboard Wheels On a Skateboard, and they can be used to a certain degree.

Longboard wheels are squishy soft, and smooth with a bit of traction while skateboard wheels are harder, the softness of both wheels will be the first thing that can be noticed. Longboard wheels slide far more readily and with less effort and energy than skateboard wheels, as they must be kicked or pushed more vigorously.

You will have a much smoother ride on a skateboard with large wheels. However, never attempt a skateboard stunt or trick on a large bouncy wheel because it will squash out and bounce back in your face. On the other hand, a hard wheel will not have much effects from the redirected force and will return little impact.

When we add longboard wheels to skateboards, the most serious issue is that you will get a wheel bite and be thrown off your board if you land heavily on your deck or turn quickly with your board because there is less clearance area between the deck and wheels.

Longboard wheels also make it more challenging to do a flip on a skateboard because they are so thick and wide that they offer you a grip when you try to flip around.

As we put massive wheels on a skateboard, you will almost certainly get wheel bite, so in this situation, risers are your best option for avoiding wheel bite. Risers are tough plastic pads that go between your truck’s deck and the base plate to increase the distance between your wheel’s top and the bottom of your deck.

If you skate with incredibly loose trucks, they’re an excellent addition to your board. Shock pads are softer polyurethane risers. They limit the amount of vibration sent to your feet by absorbing impact energy. The distinction will be slight, but it will be noticeable.

Along with riser pads, you’ll need 1 ½” bolts to allow for the extra half-inch of space between your trucks and deck.

The wheel size of up to 60 to 70 mm will be the best longboard wheels to put on a skateboard to get a reasonably fast wheel and reasonably easy acceleration. More than that will result in serious wheel bites due to the larger wheel size and less clearance between the bottom edge of the deck and the wheels.

How to setup longboard wheel on skateboard
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You can put those big wheels on a skateboard, but it won’t be a great ride because longboards are mainly used for racing downhill, traveling longer distances, and cruising, whereas skateboards are more used for doing tricks, stunts, and riding or sliding in parks. Also, the longboard and skateboard parts do not work well together. This experiment, on the other hand, can be done for fun.

So I’ve attempted to explain and answer the most frequently asked questions, such as “can you put longboard wheels on a skateboard?” and I’m hoping you’ve gotten the answer by now.

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